People’s Choice Award: Breakfast

by Steven Doyle

As the summer drones on in triple digits for the 23rd day in a row, we continue our search for all the wonderful things Dallas-Fort Worth has to offer.  The people have spoken about their favorite burgers and cocktails, now it is time for breakfast.

Breakfast is one of my absolute favorite meals of the day. There is nothing more satisfying than an egg (unless you add a burger or enchilada below the egg; my favorite self-saucing mechanics). 

Please vote now for the ultimate in breakfast.  The winner is awarded a fine framed plaque extolling the virtues of the establishment, and one lucky commenter will received a special prize at the end of the week.

What is your favorite spot for breakfast, DFW?



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27 responses to “People’s Choice Award: Breakfast

  1. Kathleen Sierra

    Coffee and beignets at Oddfellows on a cool, crisp, sunny day, sitting outside at their window on the tree stumps they have for stools is my favorite!!

  2. No contest – the Blueberry & Ricotta Cheese Pancakes at Smoke are the absolute best.

  3. Natalie

    Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict at Smoke. Mmmm….

    Great to meet you last night, Steven!

  4. Kozy Kitchen’s challah French Toast.

  5. brisket hash at smoke

  6. Paige

    Banana pancakes at the Mecca.

  7. unclekrud

    Original Market Diner

  8. Liz

    Brisket huevos at Smoke. Really, anything on Smoke’s breakfast menu is top notch. I’m also a big fan of John’s Cafe on Greenville for a basic diner breakfast.

  9. Liz

    I meant brisket hash!

  10. luniz

    The best southern breakfast without any of the bogus pretentiousness and self congratulatory trendiness is Poor Richard’s in Plano. Best coffee though is Oddfellows, it’s worth the drive just for a cup.

  11. Nick

    Completely agree with many on here… Smoke’s breakfast is simply incredible. I can’t decide which I crave more… the brisket hash or the ricotta & blueberry pancakes.

    La Duni should also be mentioned, although they only serve “brunch” and only on weekends.

  12. honorable mention for johnathans oak cliff as well. they are really coming into their own

  13. Kate

    Smoke…Blueberry & Ricotta Pancakes

  14. Matt M

    Breakfast number 2 at all good Cafe (pancakes w/pecans, eggs, bacon) w/side of biscuits and gravy.

    I think this would be one of my last meals on earth.

  15. Phil L

    A few immediately come to mind…

    Huevos Finos from La Duni
    Pork Porridge (Chao) – including the offal – from La Me
    Quail and Waffles from Fearing’s

    It was nice to meet you on Saturday night, Steven!

  16. Cedric

    Count me as a vote for Oddfellows.

  17. Jenna

    Another Oddfellow! Best coffee, too.

  18. Breakfast at Smoke was indeed strong to quite strong. Brisket Cornbread Hash was incredible…and don’t forget a side of smoked pork belly bacon. Holy crap.

  19. Michelle

    Norma’s hands down…. Biscuits are homemade, pancakes are awesome and the refried beans are actually cooked with lard – the way the good Lord meant them to be! And don’t forget the chicken fried steak…mmmmm

  20. Monique

    The John Wayne at Goldrush Cafe.

  21. Smoke is amazing, hands down everything is great Yogurt to die for…and the bacon yum 🙂

  22. Carla Hollis


  23. weekend breakfast buffet at Cyclone Anaya

  24. Crossroads Diner and those amazingly aromatic and flavorful cinnamon rolls that can feed a small country!!

  25. Anne YF

    Crossroads Diner! Anything there with bacon or grits or eggs is guaranteed AMAZING. Crossroads always gets my north-of-the-Trinity vote. Their food makes my mouth happy. 🙂

  26. Sandra

    Old West Cafe in Grapevine

  27. Laurie

    Green Eggs & Ham, Fatted Calf, downtown Rockwall.

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