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A Visit To Polk-A-Dot Bakery

by Steven Doyle

I had a chance to stop into the Polk-A-Dot Bakery this weekend and found some pretty marvelous goods being offered at this one year old business. The very quaint bakery is located in Addison Circle served breakfast and lunch, but is open most nights until 9pm, offering their guests spectacular coffees and free wifi on into the night.

The new owner Nicole Margulies can be found tending to details and a certain happiness quotient exudes as her patrons snapped up all the fresh cookies, brownies and cupcakes she has to offer.     Continue reading

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Bolsa Closes For Lunch Service, Mercado Beefs Up Menu

bolsamercadoby Steven Doyle

On craveRADIO this past weekend we broke the story that Bolsa was closing for lunch each day, only to beef up the menu next door at Bolsa Mercado. The Mercado is cheffed by Andrew Bell, and he has added burgers (beef, veggie and turkey), more sandwiches, pastas and salads to that menu in an effort to utilize the massive kitchen at that space.              Continue reading

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Pop Tarts Popping Up Everywhere

pop tartby Steven Doyle

Remember that time when I said jokingly “I do not want to live in a world with Pop Tart flavored vodka”. Time for me to make a deal with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory for an exit strategy to Mars, because the geniuses who make Corn Flakes and Eggo Waffles released their own line of vodka.

I do not suspect we will be finding the brand of vodka competing for well space with the likes of our beloved Aylesbury Duck from Jason Kosmas in local bars such as Standard Pour or Smyth, but the spirit will definitely move some to offer a S’Mores martini using the Kellogg’s product.  Continue reading


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Where The OldWest Cafe Begins

by Ellen Ritscher Sackett

It’s just after 6 a.m., and the door has just opened at the OldWest Café in Sanger, Texas. Already three white pick-up trucks are parked in front with customers awaiting breakfast. This is a typical morning for the owners. Mark is hidden behind the scenes in the kitchen, and Carolyn, his wife, is starting her day in Denton at their sister restaurant by the same name.

The wait staff is ready. The coffee flows first, and the orders are taken. More customers dribble in, young and old, and soon the place is filled with the clatter of plates and the chatter of conversation. Some come in jeans, others in cam-o, all hungry, all anticipating what will likely be their best and biggest meal of the day. One can only hope.        Continue reading

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Four Corners Opens This Week in Farmers Branch

by Steven Doyle

Word comes from Cuquita’s owner Elizabeth Villafranca that she is opening her doors to her latest restaurant, Four Corners, this coming Friday, February 10, 2012. The hours for the new restaurant in farmers branch will be 6am to 2pm and serve breakfast and lunch items only.
We told you about the new restaurant a few weeks ago, and today we get the press release with more details. You might remember Vilafranca from Cuquita’s, the fresh Tex-Mex restaurant that was named top five by Texas Monthly. We have also sent them accolades over the years and recently named them one of the top enchiladas in Dallas.     

Continue reading


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Meet Chef DAT of the Soon to Open Mason Bar

by Steven Doyle

In collaboration with Brandt Wood and chef David Anthony Temple will be opening the kitchen at the Mason Bar in just a few short weeks. You may remember Temple, often referred to as Chef DAT. He is the 28-year old chef who has been honing his skills by running a successful series of underground dinners in the Dallas area. Now the DAT has gone legit.

The Mason Bar rests comfortably in its digs at 2701 Gulliot in Dallas in the State Thomas section of Dallas that just borders Uptown. There we find the interesting building which was originally a church in the 1930’s and eventually a Freemason Lodge in 1951. For seven years it was the home for artist James Sasso and the artist has promised to send out some artwork to represent that period.    Continue reading


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