SourGrapes13: Painting Their Story

by Stealing Kitty

Photos by Robert Bostick

Rising Gallery is all a buzz with the new exhibition, Wonder Years, works by graffiti collective SourGrapes13. The surprise guest star of the show is Boog Brown, an international tattoo artist who paints as well. A few nights ago, Boog was down at Rising Gallery painting a large panel piece for the show. This work features his stylized lettering, sexy Latin lady with a rose in her hair and a single tear rolling down her cheek. The word, SourGrapes, at the top of the piece in Boog’s trademark style, and FAMILIA, in banner form at the bottom, illustrates the bonds he has with this art collective. There is no doubt after viewing his work and chatting with him about his worldwide acclaim, Boog is a badass.

This is a retrospective which features work from their beginnings as graffiti artists in Dallas through their evolution to fine art painters. There is a wooden installation in the front of the gallery space. It appears to be a colorful pyramid with wooden antentaes; however that is only the first read. What this alien like pyramid illustrates is Miguel Donjuan’s alter ego, Graffiti Monster. The installation illustrates this feeling of being this model son, student, and child during the day and at night, under the cover of night, Miguel was a Graffiti Monster. Juxtapose this piece is his painting on birch of the Graffiti Monster and as you move through the exhibition you begin to see the evolution of these Graffiti Monster’s and you will be delighted.

Come down to Rising Gallery tonight 7pm-10pm to see the autobiographical works of the SourGrapes13 art collective and get an opportunity to speak to the artists about their current exhibition.

Rising Gallery

800 Jackson St

Dallas, TX


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  1. Big thanks to The Cupcakery for being the food sponsor last night!

  2. Alma Villarreal

    What a great night and so much talent in the room! We are so proud of you Boog! You are an amazing artist.

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