Watcha Doin’ This Weekend?

by Crave Staff

We would like to try a new feature each week called Watcha Doin’ This Weekend. This will be a great forum to share ideas on the happenings in Dallas and Fort Worth. What special restaurant do you have reservations for tonight? You may also brag about any weekend travel plans.

Also, we would like to invite any establishment wishing to announce a special, opening, or concert to share with us here. Consider this a free ad. 

To jump start this new feature we will toss in a prize this week for a randomly selected commenter. We have a backlog of goodie bags lining the office, and will send one to a lucky reader.

Whatcha Doin’ This Weekend?



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13 responses to “Watcha Doin’ This Weekend?

  1. Giant Sis

    Other than sleeping in late both days, I’m not sure what we have planned. We might go to the Genghis Khan exhibit in Irving and then top it off with lunch at Genghis Grill!

  2. Heather

    Love & War tonight and Top Golf tomorrow night!!

  3. Bike riding and baking! Not at the same time though. That would be a little tricky.

  4. Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest (R)

    Friday, Jul. 29, 2011

    Showtime: 8:00 PM


  5. Casey

    9×9 at the DMA tonight for cocktails (open ’til 9pm all weekend) then a movie.

    Lunch tomorrow at Jake’s, then a birthday dinner in Addison. Looking for a new place to try. Any suggestions?

  6. Nick

    I was going to try Mesa for the first time tonight after hitting up Bolsa for happy hour… but alas, I just found out I have relatives in town (how nice of them to let me know of their plans a whopping 8 hours before they got here). I might have to do the Bolsa happy hour just to make tonight more tolerable. No plans for Sat… but it’s lake time on Sun… can’t wait.

  7. Will

    Putting the smokey hurt on meat all weekend at Lockhart Smokehouse. . . and maybe some delicious Rib Jam.

  8. kat

    Spending the weekend in Austin moving my college daughter to a new apt., in 100+ degree weather. Your all envious I know. I will try to squeeze in some Austin grub in between the downpour of sweat and fatigue.

  9. I think we might try Jorg’s in Plano. Dropping by Hirsch’s meat market, too.

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