Something New For ZaZa Sunday School Brunch

by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

We have reported a few times on the really innovative Sunday Brunch at Hotel ZaZa in uptown that is always a blast for those not quite ready to stop the party for the weekend. As ZaZa and the Sunday Brunch continues each month Executive chef Dan Landsberg and chef de cuisine Bradford Hodgkins have been looking for ways to elevate not only the party but the cuisine being served.

We just caught up with the pair of chefs as they each returned from their summer vacation, looking tan and fit and ready to hunker down in the kitchen. The ZaZa kitchen wizards were eager to tell us about the new ideas they have for the wacky fun brunch that is like no other in Dallas.  

“When the Sunday School Brunch was first conceptualized we thought to offer a small menu for the large group of people. A hundred people come in and we immediately get the food out. We kept tweaking the menu trying to get people what they wanted or were asking for, but then we thought it should be served family-style to give this a theatrical component to Sunday School since everything else is kind of a show,” said Landsberg.

So the thought is to keep the party more lively by not distancing the food from the fun. People love to mingle in rave environment the staff has flowing through out the room and this new idea will fit in with that theme.

“I envision this being really playful. The way we have been doing this it was really active in the beginning and really active in the end, but then we broke up the party with the food. It didn’t seem to blend the way it should. You get people in and say go mingle then all of a sudden you say sit down and don’t move,” said Hodgkins.

Now when the food is served you will be able to keep roaming and sit and eat when you see something you like. There will be a giant platter with an over-the-top sized frittata, or a enormous stack of king sized pancakes, and a crazy big omelet that is community property at each table. This along with the vibrant energy playing in the room ensures the guests will keep the groove during the party.

There will still be pandas chasing bananas, and the sexy hot school-girl clad wait staff along with sparklers and everything else that makes this the best Sunday party in town.

Before departing we had to ask the chefs what they did for their summer vacation.

“I went to Corpus and visited family. Went to a handful of minor league baseball games. I went to the beach and anticipated the tropical storm that never happened. We were in the water when the storm hit and it rained for about four minutes. I got some sun and played in the sand,” smiled Hodgkins.

As for chef Landsberg, “I went to Hilton Head with the family, did a little swimming and played some golf. I parasailed for the first time and that was fun. Shot off some fireworks and basically relaxed.”

The chefs had to run back to work but not before telling us about the new rooftop garden they have planned. They will soon have 12 to 14 beds on the roof along with a bevy of bees for honey production.

“We are already putting in three beds for now, and planting gourds for the Fall. The goal will be to have a functional garden and eventually have an eight to ten top table on the roof that overlooks the pool area and has a great view of downtown,” said Landsberg.


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