UNT Adding All Vegan Option

by Steven Doyle

We just caught word from a Denton vegan friend that one of the four cafeterias at UNT has suddenly become vegan. UNT Dining Services has converted Mean Greens to an all vegan cafeteria and to open this Fall semester.

The culinary staff headed by Culinary Operations Chef, Wanda White, has been retooling the cafeteria creating recipes using nothing but fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grains. The goal is to satisfy the students, faculty and staff of UNT. The number one request has always been to have more vegan and vegetarian options. More people eat a variety of fruits and veggies than people who solely eat meat. Serving a completely vegan menu gives students the opportunity to explore new things and stimulate their tastes.     

The cafeteria is also taking on a new look patterned and inspired after Cosmic Cafe  which we were informed was the inspiration for the cafeteria, along with Spiral Diner.

UNT will continue to offer beef, pork, poultry and seafood options in all of our other cafeterias: Kerr, Champs, Bruce and West.



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  1. noname

    Yahoo! Smart move. I hope other schools and universities follow suit.

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