Mainstream Fish Camp Makes Debut

by Steven Doyle  

The owners and operators of the large variety of food trucks are quickly making themselves known though out the DFW area, and we are making a point to check in on these new trucks as they make their way onto the scene. This past weekend we met up with the latest truck owner, Kelly Haden, who operates the new Mainstream Fish Camp truck. We had an exclusive first look at Haden’s operation.

If Haden’s name sounds familiar, it should. His family owned TJ’s Seafood located at Preston and Forest before selling off their interests to the Alexis family, and more recently owned Mainstream Fish House at the same intersection opening in 1995. Later Haden sold the fish house to M Crowd in 2004 awhich the group closed in January of 2009.    

Haden has since been in the seafood business on the wholesale level and is working with one of the largest shrimp farms located in Palacios, TX, Bowers Shrimp and Fish.

As for the new truck Haden explains, “We will pretty much let the customer dictact what we do. If you go to the web site it emphasizes lobster, shrimp, crab and salmon, which are products we can depend on year round and not fall into seasonal issues.”

“Seafood is in my heart and my blood and really all I care about. I am passionate about fish. There are so many stories to be told and education to offer with respect to the quality, freshness and seasons,” continued Haden as he rolled up the roof of the open air truck.

The truck was designed and manufactured by Haden and is really something to behold, and as he showed us the various aspects and features of the truck (which is really more of a trailer) you are reminded of a Rube Goldberg contraption that sparks of ingenuity.

The roof is controlled by hydraulics, and as the platform rises upward two large ceiling fans are revealed above. At the back of the trailer Haden designed a slide out cooking station replete with grills and a steamer that can accommodate up to thirty lobsters.

Haden also made sure to point out his hand crafted margarita machine that is made with an ice cream bucket that is attached to a plastic water cooler with an inverted garbage disposer in the middle that crushes the icy cocktail.

The trucks inaugural run will take place this coming weekend at Delaney Vineyards grape stomping. Check Delaney’s website for times, they are located in Grapevine.

Haden looks to offer high quality seafood that is value priced and affordable and sees the truck hitting other events including the possibility of fundraisers for groups and non-profit organizations. We will continue to follow Mainstream Fish Camp as they progress their schedule. Look for a steamed lobster in a neighborhood near you.



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  1. there would be no TJ’s if it wasn’t for Kelly (and tom and peggy and jim)….look forward to working on some projects together.

  2. Dick Washburne

    Best wishes Kelly!

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