People’s Choice Award: Sushi

by Steven Doyle    

As the summer winds down we have but a few People’s Choice Awards left to pass out. These brilliantly constructed plaques will be hitting the streets and off to their shiny destinations once we complete the awards series.

The heat has subsided from its 100+ degree temperatures but it is still warm enough to keep most people indoors. Why not beat the heat by enjoying this weeks subject for the ward — sushi.  

Chime in on your favorite sushi headquarters and let us know who has the best rolls, the freshest sashimi, and the tastiest nigiri. Found any fresh wasabi? Let us know about that too.

Who has the best sushi in DFW? The winner will receive one of our People’s Choice commemorative plaques, and one lucky reader will be awarded a nice restaurant gift certificate. Winners chosen Friday.



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22 responses to “People’s Choice Award: Sushi

  1. Ariana


  2. Michelle

    Yutaka… hands down….

  3. Abby

    Shinsei! Shinsei! Shinsei!

  4. Kat

    Yutaka for creativity, freshness, variety and service.

  5. Yinlan


  6. Liz

    Teppo! Wonderful sushi, inventive specials, delectable omakase and, yes, they frequently have fresh wasabi!

  7. Steak&Eggs

    It’s not a sushi place, but you can’t beat the quality of Tei An. Plus, that mofugger forged the supplier relationships for Tei Tei, Teppo, and Yutaka. Good things to have Teiichi in this town, good things.

  8. slade


  9. Yutaka. Only thing close to what you can get in Studio City, CA, the mecca of American sushi.

  10. Beautiful shot! Oh my goodness, I nearly fainted…

  11. I’ve always been a fan of Yokahama

  12. Alyson


  13. Anthony

    Sushi Saki, Richardson.

  14. fran

    Sushi Sake. Exceeds Nobu (owned by the famous Matsuhisa), Shinsei, Teppo and all others. Once you go there, you’ll never want to go anywhere else.

  15. Cilantro


  16. Jimmy Contreras


  17. Yutaka is the best sushi I have tried in this country. Those above not voting for Yutaka have probably not been there.

  18. I prefer Tei Tei above all others. Omakase is brilliant. Braised and grilled items are fabulous. Staff is fantastic. My favorite, but then again Tei An, Teppo and Yutaka are also excellent.

  19. Sushi Sake in Richardson hands down .. nothing can beat it!

  20. I say Sushi Zushi (because they go above-and-beyond the call of duty for veggie sushi options), Hibashi Teppan Grill (near the Galleria), or Edahona in Fort Worth.

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