Mansion Bartender to Work Private Social

by Steven Doyle

Venerable bartender Rocko Milano from the Mansion on Turtle Creek has tendered his resignation to join forces with chef Tiffany Derry at the soon to open Private Social. Private Social is scheduled to open in September, or approximately one month from now.

When we caught up with Rocko he said he had some new drinks in mind and will be working with Derry to create some imaginative cocktails using many of her fresh ingredients from the kitchen pantry. 

“I have a fantastic drink called the Texas Back Yard Barbecue Martini that includes Tito’s Vodka, line juice, our variation on a simple syrup, and a little egg white. Through a special technique it has grill marks across the top of it, and it will taste like it too,” said Rocko.

He continued, “ I am proud to be working with a Top Chef, Tiffany is talented and has so much to offer. She is beautiful and talented, and I am fortunate to be working with her.”

Rocko is a popular bartender at the Mansion having worked there nearly three years, and will be leaving his post to begin his new position at Private Social in two weeks.

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