Vegan Girl: Sushi Zushi

by Melissa Brenner

Thursday, September 1st, Sushi Zushi rolls out its vegan menu in the Dallas locations.

While a raw fish place seems about as likely to care about vegan options on the menu as an almost raw steak place, accommodation of all types of dietary needs is growing. This is something I’m happy to see, as most of my omni friends are sushi freaks. I, myself, am a sucker for the seaweed salad and an Asahi Super Dry, but I’d also like to be able to enjoy something more substantial at dinner.

Sushi Zushi has created separate menu pages for vegan options, rather than just notating with a leaf or something, which makes it much easier to peruse the offerings. The vegan page lists the special instructions to give your server in order to veganize the standard items. Happily, the menu also lists the sauces that are vegan (this list includes eel sauce, which makes me a happy girl).  

I visited ahead of the new vegan menu roll out to get a taste of things to come. The appetizer list has most of the safe standards: Edamame, Seaweed Salad (although you do have to ask to ensure there is no jellyfish), Japanese Garden Salad and Tofu Salad. Others that you may not always see: Plain Sunonomo, a “salad” of thinly sliced cucumber, Tsukemono (pickled things) and Hiyakakko. Hiyakakko, without the traditional Bonito flakes and broth, is essentially a cold block of tofu. I think that’s gross and certainly not worth paying $5.50 for or ordering at a restaurant, but you make the call on your visit.

Hot vegan entrée options include Tofu Yakisoba, which I love. Although I’m not big on noodles, Yakisoba has a squish place in my heart and I’m always happy to find a place that serves a good version. This one’s on my list for the next visit, since I decided to go the roll route this time. They also have Teppan Yaki, Yakiudon, and two types of Musubi.

Out of the eight rolls available on the vegan menu, I tried two. Yes, I would have liked to try more, too, but all of the rice always fills me up so quickly that two is all I can usually manage. My picks were the Vegetable Roll and the Tropical Roll (with no cream cheese). The Vegetable Roll was fair and tasty, although nothing special. Rolled uramaki style, it is filled with avocado, julienned carrots, cucumber and asparagus.

Anything with mango makes me happy, which explains the Tropical Roll selection. The  combination of asparagus, avocado, cucumber, carrots and sprouts was brought to life by the mango roof that was splattered (beautifully) with sriracha sauce (yum).

Sadly no dessert available here for the vegan diner, but that seems to be the way it goes at most spots.

While there is nothing outrageously creative on the menu here, there is something on the menu. The food was good and tasted fresh, I left with a full belly and enjoyed my time with my friends….that is the most important part. I’m really happy there is a larger selection, which makes it more likely for a return visit without a groan (there are like 800 pages of menu for the non vegan, so they like to go all the time not thinking that there is usually 1 or 2 rolls/choices for us).

So, when you’re on Oak Lawn (and you know you’re always there) with friends that want sushi, know that you have a vegan friendly choice with Sushi Zushi.

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