Hotter Than Hell Margarita Fest Success

by Steven Doyle

One of the high points of the weekend certainly was the Hotter Than Hell Margarita challenge in Bishop Arts featuring  Sauza Tequila. Taking place at 6pm this past Sunday, the crowd quickly swelled to over 2,500 as ticket lines snaked down Seventh Street just off Bishop. Happy gatherers met with the promise of margaritas, and although the lines were a bit of a challenge, the crowd stayed quenched with the large variety of the tequila soaked cocktail flowed freely.  

Nico Ponce, one of the new events organizers, was a happily surprised to see so many in attendance on the holiday weekend, “I never thought we could get so many people to drive across the bridge,” was his response when we asked about the huge crowd.

Taking top honor for the best margarita was Iron Cactus. Most of the concoctions included an element of spiciness, creating a running theme through out the evening, but all the drinks were cold and inviting.

It was especially good to see Brian McCullough behind the bar and working the festival as he represented the soon-to-be-open Standard Pourthat will be located on McKinney.

Kudos to Vera Cruz Café located in Bishop Arts for making some amazing street food, including their blue corn tortilla tacos and some of the hand-made sopas and tamales we have experienced all summer.

Wonderful event and look forward to the next incarnation.


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8 responses to “Hotter Than Hell Margarita Fest Success

  1. Chris

    When I arrived and saw the line to get in and the lines to sample margaritas, I decided to pass. I, also, saw quite a few cars getting towed because people were parking all over the place.
    Not to waste a good night, I went for a great dinner at Bolsa instead.

    • After enjoying the rounds of margaritas we also went to Bolsa for a few more ritas, flatbread and mussels. I need to stop calling the one flatbread ‘twigs and berries’.

  2. Yeah, it’s harder to say it was a “huge success” when the lines were soooooooo long, there were hardly any trash cans, and the samples were incredibly small – 2 ounces at best, less if they used ice, and some were so weak they barely qualified. $20, 2 hours and 10 samples = less than 20 ounces of margaritas… Hard to get excited about that. And, when you found the “beer tent” in the middle of the festival and waited in line there, you were told you had to leave and go buy $5 coupons then come back – something we weren’t informed of upon entering – and the only beer was Bud Light. Yes, it’s a margarita festival so I didn’t expect beer, but if you’re going to have it then REALLY have it (Eno’s is right there!) and tell people as they enter. I just wanted it to have something to drink since the margarita samples were so scarce.

    I think it’s a great idea, but it could’ve been so much better with a more efficient tasting system and crowd control, ability to purchase other beverages (full margaritas? beer?) and the parking situation is just the worst down there.


  3. robynfolmar

    I am not complaining about lines after attempting the Food Truck Festival. At least I had an actual drink and taco in my hand at HHMM. Good Lawd. Liked Iron Cactus’… but Smoke was my fav as well as Maximo. Fun event with perfect weather.

  4. os

    Far from a success more like a huge let down, as soon as i got in i wanted to leave. Had to make line to get in and lines to get 2 ounces of margarita. The amount of people they let in was insane and the two times i lined up for margarita i was told they were out. Tried to get my money back but couldn’t. Huge disaster of an event.

  5. CAC214

    The concept was great but a huge let down on the 2 oz. samples and the vendors ran out. They need to make sure they have enough samples…at least 4 oz. C’mon guys. Please organize this better next year cause people will not comeback. This is Dallas the birthplace of the frozen rita. You’ve got to do better than this.

  6. marg

    The margaritas were a let down. Lines way to long. Did not really like any of the samples. I ended up at Hunkys drinking the best margarita of the night!

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