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by Crave Staff

For many the Texas State Fair means a large variety of music, pie baking contests, and bragging rights for the rancher with the largest hog. These are traditional fair-going events that have brought generations together since 1886.

Most who have visited the largest party in Texas are familiar with the sights and sounds of the Midway that is greeted by the 52 foot cowboy loved by all called Big Tex. Tex wasn’t always employed by the State, but was born and raised in Kerens, Texas and made to shill the Christmas holiday for the small Texas town dressed as Santa. It took local luminary R.L. Thorton to convince the tall Texan to move to Dallas and the Texas giant hasn’t looked back since. 

Great traditions surround the Fair, but none so alluring as the more recent fried challenge that has captured the country’s fascination.

Winners Martinez and Weiss

Winners for the most recent competition were announced yesterday and Allan Weiss took top honors with his Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack, which is a buffalo chicken strip is coated in flapjack batter, rolled in jalapeno bread crumbs, deep fried to a golden brown, skewed, and served with a side of syrup.

You may find this winner Inside the Automobile Building and in the Thrill Way.

Honors for most creative went to Justin Martinez for his creation, Fried Bubble Gum. The gum is actually a large marshmallow infused with bubble gum flavoring and coated in an odd pink batter then deep fried. The Texas treat is then drizzled with blue frosting and laced with Chiclets.

If you sincerely wish to try the fried gum you will need to steer near Granny’s Funnel Cakes on Coliseum Drive.

Find all your fried favorites when the gates open at 10 a.m. on Friday, September 30 for your Texas State Fair.

CraveDFW will be on hand every day during the fair from 11am to 7pm as Steven Doyle hosts over 120 celebrity chefs as they create special dishes and share them with the hungry crowds.


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