Vegan Girl Goes to Best Thai

by Melissa Brenner

I often make the wrong assumption that people are aware of the entire vegan offerings at both Best Thai locations. This is an establishment that I frequent and believe you will once you have your first taste.

Thai is one of the safer genres for vegans, although you do need to ask about the soup stock and fish sauce. Best Thai gives you more than the standard “add tofu to the existing noodle or curry dishes”.   

On the last page of the menu, there is an entire vegan entrée sheet. Dishes include Spicy Soy Duck with Eggplant, Soy Salmon Curry, Crispy Soy Beef, Soy Ham and Pineapple Rice and more. The Spicy Soy Duck with Eggplant is one of my favorites. I, and my dining companion, always have to ask twice to make sure that it’s the soy duck even though I’ve had this dish multiple times. It’s not often that your mock meat is so convincing in look and texture. Once you taste it, even though it is quite good, you will know it’s plant flesh and not cute quacking animal flesh. This one comes spicy, but you have the option of kicking it up a notch or two. It’s quite filling, with the eggplant, mixed veggies and brown sauce. I rarely even touch the brown rice when I order this dish.

The Soy Salmon Curry is a nice switch from the regular tofu or all veggie curry. The soy salmon has a kelp “skin” which adds in that salty seafood flair without added salt. I always ask for extra heat here (usually 4 out of 5) and sometimes add even more after the first taste. I just think curry should be fiery. The brown rice gets used here to sop up the tasty curry.

Crispy Soy Beef was the last dish I tried at Best Thai. I don’t really care for fried foods (except for my well known French fry weakness) so it wasn’t top on my list. I was really glad that I decided to give it a go on my last visit and will definitely order it in the future. Mouthful bites of thinly sliced soy beef are fried until crispy but not dry and tough. With the weighty beef, veggies and sauce this is another dish that leaves the brown rice untouched.

Don’t expect to be able to finish off the Soy Ham and Pineapple Rice by yourself. This is a platter piled high with seasoned rice mixed with veggies, slightly salty soy ham with a crispy skin and sweet pineapple chunks. It’s a very savory combination and interesting in both taste and texture.

There are other items on the vegan menu and they are most willing to sub in any of the mock meats into any of the standard dishes that are vegan without the meat. Note that the soup is made with chicken stock, so it’s off the table.

Another item of note is the ALL VEGAN buffet on the first and third Sunday of each month. You can show up and indulge on everything on display without question or worry.

Best Thai has four locations: Addison, Frisco, Irving and Dallas (Preston and Royal), but I have only ever eaten at the Addison location.

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  1. Rob

    Never tried the vegan route but I love the location at Preston/Royal

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