More Pork Belly For You To Enjoy

by Steven Doyle

Sometimes weeks go by without having something truly amazing that screams dog’s bollocks on the palate. We trifle through plates of uninspired hummus and casual cheeseburgers. Sometimes there are tirades of sad pizza, or the many enchiladas that claim to be the most original but fall short in a puddled grease bomb.

These are the dishes we are not sharing with you. Our philosophy at craveDFW is fairly simple. We must crave the dish before we can write about the dish. This is why you typically will not see negative criticisms on these pages.  

Last week we sported on about International Bacon Day, and dammit if we almost went the whole day Sunday without supplementing our diet with pig, mush less cured and smoke pig.

Another dish we love at Cedars

But alas, we made a pit stop into Cedars Social for a quick nightcap and caught a whiff of pork that would make Tevye and his Daughters run for cover.

Behold, the best dish I have had so far this week (I know, however short this week is we still have a few more days to go).

This thick, crispy pork belly was served atop freshly sautéed spinach with a small puddle of its own juices. Rich and tender, this belly was made to share. Smashing and highly recommended.

Cedars Social
1326 South Lamar Street
Dallas, TX 75215
(214) 928-7700


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2 responses to “More Pork Belly For You To Enjoy

  1. Michael

    That looks amazing. I never seem to have food there, just drinks.

  2. Nathan

    it’s not spinach, it’s Collard Greens

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