Brackets New Chef Revamps Menu

by Bryan Coonrod

Can’t find a nice place to watch the games this year? Look no further than Brackets which could easily be a sports fans paradise with TVs every place your eyes can wander. Add in the specialty cocktails, impressive wine list and the mouth watering food then you might just be looking at your home away from home.

Originally starting out as a gourmet pizza restaurant Bracket’s has evolved in what they describe as an upscale eatery with a sports bar attitude. Chef Stefon Rishel has taken over and revamped the menu giving old sports bar classics a modern twist and just browsing the appetizers this becomes evident with items like braised short rib nachos and ahi tuna nachos.   

The chef suggests you try the pork chop and mac entree on your visit with the pork chop being brined then grilled and served with a 5 cheese mac. Other notable mentions off the menu are the lemoncello jumbo wings and of course the wood fired pizzas that started the restaurant here.

Now with football season in full swing, Brackets has brought out former Dallas Cowboy great Deion Sanders to host a Monday Night Football party each week and also rolling out a special “Prime Time” menu for Monday nights with great drink and food specials and of course you can watch the game with Deion.

As for the food itself there are many great choices, I started off with the braised short rib nachos, these were so good I could have easily eaten a pound of them, great flavor and not too heavy so you have room to finish an entree, for that I chose the Brackets Burger a huge gut busting burger made from Kobe beef and topped with Blue Cheese, Pancetta, Basil Mustard, Arugula, Chili Peppers & Onion Ring all on a brioche bun.

The burger has tons of flavor each bite seemed to have been different from the last as your taste buds detect each of these many toppings. This is a burger that you need to bring your meat loving friends out to try.

Keeping with the fun aspect of a sports bar Brackets holds a beer pong contest and has numerous games you do not find in many places such as ping pong tables and shuffleboard. On game day you can take your pick of which game to watch with the added bonus of having game audio available in 3 different areas. Brackets is available for your parties and events so please give them a try the next time you are looking for a place to have fun and eat great food.


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4 responses to “Brackets New Chef Revamps Menu

  1. Monica

    This is a lovely advertisement. I really want to like Brackets and have wished the best for them every time we’ve been in. Unfortunately, they somehow miss the mark every time. Stefon has made some positive changes though. I will keep rooting for them…

  2. Not an ad. Bryan went out yesterday and was happy with his dinner and asked if he could write it up. From the looks of his burger we can see why he was so happy. We would be pleased to take an ad from these people, it would appear on one of the side panels.

    – editor

  3. Monica

    Maybe not a paid ad, but it reads like it is pretty much a copy and paste from the marketing department…
    So, maybe it is the opposite, maybe Bryan is interviewing for a marketing job…

  4. Eagles

    Stef is an amazing chef and very accomodating to personal preference. Although I am not dirrectly affiliated with Brackets, I do happen to know that this review was not an ad and simply a “review” that happened to highlight the chef and not the restaurant as a whole. Brackets is a great environment for watching sports and dining in a space that doesn’t lend itself to the normal frat boy atmoshpere and craziness that you may find at certain sports bars in the usual spots. It’s a bit disarming that whenever someone steps a toe out of the box, this town attacks them and replies with “this reads like an ad”. Seems to me that this reads like a review; and a good one at that. Here’s a thought, check it out and see what you may have been missing. Nay sayers make should make a b- line for the same ole, same ole.

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