Backdoor Yard Bird at Velvet Taco

by Steven Doyle

We have enjoyed Velvet Taco now for late night taco goodness, but now we have another reason to hit the small restaurant located on Henderson. This weekend we heard rumors that the backdoor chicken sales were booming at Velvet Taco so we had to try this quirky addition to the restaurant.

Basically if you go to the backdoor of Velvet Taco and give it a knock with a twenty dollar bill in your hand, someone will open the door and hand you a full roasted chicken with tortillas and all the accouterments. Sounds shady, but it is legit.  

John Franke from Front Burner Restaurants (they own Whiskey Cake and The Ranch in Los Colinas, Red Dog Right, Ojos Locos and Twin Peaks) told us that the restaurant was humming along smoothly and they get a ton of traffic late at night as expected.

Franke explains the chicken phenomenon, “It is something that the local people can enjoy. I can see people from the neighborhood walking to the restaurant for chicken. We offer the same deal inside, but we really don’t sell as many as we do from the back. The front is all about the tacos.”

Great stuff, and half price on Mondays.



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2 responses to “Backdoor Yard Bird at Velvet Taco

  1. Sharon Little

    I have to try this!

  2. Monica

    Great to know they are getting started. I saw the sign a few weeks ago, but when I asked was told they weren’t ready to go there yet. He told me their awesome elote-style corn would come with it. Is that true?

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