Alma Closes

by Steven Doyle

As reported this weekend by Uncle Nancy at D’s SideDish, Alma on Henderson has closed its doors. Not wishing to repeat news, we simply want to give credit to noted DJ Bryan Coonrod who predicted the demise of the restaurant over a month ago, noting a rapid decline of people on the patio and patrons in general. 

We spoke with Alma chef Anastacia Quinones late last evening and she stated that the restaurant closure was simply a financial decision. Quinones is a bright and talented chef, but we enjoyed her most at Victor Tango.  Dallas has not seen the last of Quinones.


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2 responses to “Alma Closes

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…the decor on the outside make me think BBQ, never Mexican. Hmmm……ribs…………

    Still sad to see anything close down in the neighborhood 🙁

  2. Sharon Little

    Too expensive and mediocre.

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