Blues Bandits and BBQ Makes for Smoking Hot Weekend

by Steven Doyle     photos by Susan Migdol

The weekend was crazy busy with activities including the second annual Blues, Bandits and BBQ held at Lake Cliff Park Saturday. The assorted barbecue teams started working early Friday evening and camped out at the park honing their recipes, developing smoke rings, and otherwise having a little party of their own.    

The judges for the category winners included Tim McLaughlin, Pitmaster at Lockhart Smokehouse; Daniel Vaughn aka BBQ Snob of Full Custom Gospel BBQ, Jeff Whitington from KERA, Chris Zielke of Bolsa & Smoke, and Scott Griggs, Dallas City Council.Brisket: Matador Meat & Wine Market.

Winners for the event include Oak Cliff Oh’s for ribs, Smokin’ Ronnie’s BBQ for pulled pork, Oak Cliff Oh’s for chicken, BBQ Bandits for their sausage, and the people’s choice was Dr. Swog’s.

Ditch the Car was seen making smoothies on the spot from a blender attached to a bike to generate the energy.

Matador Meat & Wine  participated in the event and they currently have one location near Preston Road and 121. Word on the street is Matador will be opening a meat and wine market at the new Sylvan Thirty development across from the Belmont Hotel as a complement to Cox Farms who will open a grocery store in the development but will not offer alcohol or fresh meat.


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  1. Looks like everyone had a good time ..nice post 🙂

  2. Lesli

    What a great event! I was in a total meat coma afterwards, but had a darn good time. The 12 year old guitar phenom was un-freaking-believable!

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