Fishbone Concert Review

by Bryan Coonrod

For 25 years Fishbone has been wowing crowds around the world with their blend of punk, ska, reggae, jazz, funk and soul. Last night they rolled into Dallas for a showing of their documentary ” Everyday Sunshine” at the Texas Theatre and then a concert at Trees. Me being a long time fan could not wait for them to hot the stage, which did take some time as the sound check was longer than the opening bands entire set.  

Once the curtains opened the crowd rushed to the front of the stage as they belted out one of their biggest hits ” Everyday Sunshine” the tone was set and the energy kept building through the night as they put on an almost 2 hour show covering their best from the last 2 decades. The ever animated lead vocalist and saxophonist Angelo Moore was spot on all night long along getting the crowd pumped up with other original members Walter Kibby on coronet and Norwood Fisher on bass right in stride with him. The crowd was more than eager to dance, mosh and sing a long to every offering they belted out.

From hits like “Ma and Pa”, “Sunless Saturday” ,”Alcoholic” and my favorite of the night “Lemon Merengue” a funky horn filled jam track that made me feel like was in New Orleans for moment. It was truely a unique experience to witness. Also unique was Angelo using a theramin, one of the earliest electronic instruments ever made that produces some quite psychedelic sounds. Though the venue was half full Fishbone performed like there were 10,000 there and by the time they hit the last song ,” Party At Ground Zero” you were so pumped up you did not want the night to end.

Easily one of the most energetic concerts I have seen in a while made ever better afterwards as the band made sure to meet and greet everyone at the bar with handshakes, hugs and a few drinks. The next time they come through Dallas do not miss out on them.

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