Sweet Mix Opens in Richardson

by Crave Staff

Sweet Mix, a new dessert shop, recently opened its first concept store at 1811 N. Greenville Avenue, Suite 300 in Richardson, Texas in the Eastside Richardson shopping complex. This is not your typical dessert shop that serves one specialty item like all of the “fro-yo” shops at every corner conceivable. Sweet Mix, a new dessert concept, mixes a unique blend of desserts incorporating fresh fruits and quality ingredients in its products.             

None of the fruits served at Sweet Mix are ever frozen. There are plenty of sweet options for the selective palates such as crepes, waffle sandwiches, shaved snow fruit bowls, sundaes, snow cups, and smoothies. In addition, Sweet Mix will also be offering savory crepes and specialty milk tea drinks in the near future.

The inspiration to open Sweet Mix stemmed from the owners’ culinary adventures around Asia, Europe and even here in the states. The sweet crepes come with homemade whipped cream and a scoop of ice cream and were inspired by the crepes in Paris and Tokyo; waffle sandwiches were inspired by Belgium waffles which are light, airy and crispy; and the fluffy shaved snow fruit bowls were inspired by a cold dessert popular in Taiwan and other parts of Asia.

College friends-turned-business partners, Zung-Chinh Doan, Tiffany Nguyen and Xuan-Du Nguyen met at the University of Texas at Austin. Xuan-Vinh Nguyen, Xuan-Du’s brother, also joined the group having been longtime friends with all of the partners. The thought of starting a business together has always been in the back in their minds since completing the Business Foundations program at the University of Texas at Austin.

“We are very excited to be offering desserts that we have discovered and enjoyed while traveling around the world to the Dallas market”, says Zung-Chinh Doan.

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