J Chastain New Chef de Cuisine at Mansion

by Steven Doyle            photos by Robert Bostick

We just received a word from J Chastain at Second Floor  restaurant located in the Westin Galleria that he has tendered his resignation and accepted a position at under Bruno Davaillon at the Mansion as the new Chef de Cuisine. This will be Chastain’s second round in the kitchen at the Mansion, last time he was Sous Chef under Dean Fearing.

After leaving the Mansion Chastain was executive chef for Stephan Pyles  where he said he said he expanded his talents to more “Spanish and Mediterranean style cooking”.        

From Stephan Pyles Chastain left to spend time as Executive Sous at Seventeen Seventeen before landing at Second Floor as Chef de Cuisine under Scott Gottlich, owner of Bijoux and Second Floor. There Chastain picked up French techniques and his love for local farms and ranches.

Chastain declined to make any “sentimental statements” but spoke very highly of his time at Second Floor where he is still employed for the next several weeks.

“I am looking forward to working with chef Bruno Davaillon. I really enjoy the elevated cuisine they are doing at the Mansion,” said Chastain.

In a previous interview with Chastain he recounted a story about his old Mansion days when they lost power at the hotel and had to work in the dark. “We set up candles on the line and were grilling on the loading dock. The guests were dining by candlelight and everyone had a great time,” said Chastain.

In other related news Sarah Green, pastry chef at Second Floor also tendered her resignation to work with Jason Maddy at the new restaurant Oak, which should be open very soon in the Design District. Interesting enough, Maddy resigned his position at the Mansion to be the Executive Chef at Oak.

We should have the name of the chef replacing Chastain at Second Floor very soon.


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  1. Looks like I’ll be at the Mansion more often now…

  2. kat

    Thank you, I can’t keep up!

  3. Mike M

    2nd Floor has a really good burger. Hope that doesn’t change

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