First Look: The Chesterfield

by Steven Doyle      photos by Robert Bostick

The Chesterfield opened their doors yesterday for lunch and we sent in ace photographer, Robert Bostick for a look-see. As we mentioned before, the room is small with just space enough for about 40 seats. The ceiling is probably taller than it is wide, but behind the bar there is plenty of room for some of the city’s most amazing cocktails produced by “Lucky” Eddie Campbell.  

Each of our visits so far only produced a few cocktails, trying six of the vast menu of what looks to be dozens and dozens to choose from. One of the difficulties we have with a some of the craft cocktails making their way through the city is that they can be cloyingly sweet. Once solution for us is to stick to the drier drinks such as Manhattans, or a play on the same style of drink.

Fortunately we have not had a crazy sweet drink yet at Chesterfield, not to say there isn’t one hiding on the menu somewhere. This is a good reason why you should get to know your barman. They will steer you from drinks that  you are prone to shed the hairy eyeball towards.

The stations at Chesterfield looks more like a science lab than a bar, but all with good reason. Lucky even has five different types of ice on hand, including one that is chipped from a massive iceberg.

Tomorrow we chat with the new chef at Chesterfield, as he is new to Dallas and thought you might like to know who is making the completely-from-scratch pastrami for an amazing Reuben sandwich. He is also baking and, well, making everything in-house in what appears to win the prize for the smallest kitchen in Big D. We know you will enjoy reading about the lovable chef Michael Ehlert and learn how this CIA trained chef happened to make it to Dallas.




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