Texas Chef Association Bake Sale

by Katie Minchew

It was a sweet sight to see the ladies and gentlemen of the Texas Chefs Association, young and old, join together for the most delicious bake sale ever held. For the 25th year in a row, TCA members from Collin College, Wylie high school, Art Institute of Dallas, Le Cordon Bleu, Remmington College, and a variety of Dallas’ gem venues provided the best products from their hotels, restaurants, and schools for this extraordinary event. Let’s just say this wasn’t your child’s typical elementary school bake sale.     

Mouthwatering petit pastries in clear bags with red and green ribbons lined the tables. Fresh yule logs, creamy iced cakes and cookies, elaborately decorated towering pastry wonders, and decorate-it-yourself cookie kits took their proper places and were quickly purchased by hungry passersby. Kids stood on tiptoes to get a peek at the prize winning gingerbread houses—this year the theme was “Haunted House”—and bird houses (this “Angry Bird” house was my favorite!).

Chef Michele Brown performed a stunning cake decorating demonstration and several other well-known Dallas chefs donated their time for the cause.

The final count isn’t out yet but the Texas Chefs Association raised around $8,500 this year. That money will certainly bless the people of Union Gospel Mission Dallas and the North Texas Food Bank, where $1 can feed 3 people.



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  1. Sharon Van Meter


    Great blog! Thanks for covering our event for CRAVE!

  2. Monica

    OH WOW – That would have been a great event to check out. Wish I had known …

  3. Jan

    What a great event for a great cause!

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