Holiday Burlesque Tonight at Trees

by Courtney Crush

The holidays have long been cursed with the drudge of traditions that don’t always escalate the spirits. Let’s face it. “The Nutcracker” is several hours of yawn with an intermission fit for coffee zapped with a double shot in hopes of not interrupting the second act with snores from the mezzanine. A second act? It’s not over yet? Blech! That isn’t to say that occasionally a tear of nostalgia doesn’t spring to the mind’s eye every now and then.

Ballet is an exceptional art form of beauty and poise. Nonetheless, by the caffeine infused second act, my eyes have fuzzed over and I’m recreating the storyline with more drama and less clothes. A sprinkle of sugar and spice goes a long way to kindle enthusiasm. What if “The Nutcracker” was performed in the tradition of burlesque? Now that’s a show I could stay awake for. 
Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks this classic needed a little revision. Vivienne Vermouth, Dallas burlesque performer and producer of Broads and Panties, must have slumbered through a few nostalgic moments as well. The result: “A Nearly Naked Nutcracker.” Me thinks Vivienne is on to something here! Burlesque themes don’t always stay true to form. Sometimes a mere costume comparison is the only credibility to be had.

Broads and Panties  pushes the envelope with every performance so that the audience gets what’s promised them and nakedness to boot. Vivienne’s dream come reality is in keeping of The Nutcracker storyline from beginning to end with major cuts on timing and more than a trim on apparel. She’s done it, folks! Whoever said The Nutcracker couldn’t be sexy obviously hasn’t had a run in with Vivienne Vermouth. Lucky, lucky… that isn’t my lot. She has me screaming “Encore!” before the show has even begun!

The cast includes Broads and Panties performers Krissie Darlin, Fuser L’Via, Levi Des Peu Chapeaux, Rachel and Pixie O’Kneel, Lilith Gray, Brigitte Noir, Bang Bang Lulu as Clara and Becca Blood is her adversary as the dreaded new wife. The Burlesque Experience Starlets, enriched and empowered by their newfound inner roar of femininity at the hands of Lisa “Carmen Diablo” join in the fun as party guests gone burlesque.

Rounding out the character soirée, model and performer extraordinaire Angela Ryan joins as the new and improved nutcracker prince. If she had been in the original version, my eyes wouldn’t have needed help in staying open for the second act! It’s not ballet? Surely you jest. “The Nutcracker” wouldn’t be complete without a little on point action thrown in the mix. Pearl Lux of Austin’s Jigglewatts Burlesque Company adds luster to the regime of yum, and she does it… on point. Not to be forgotten, if that’s even possible, a little boylesque on point for your viewing pleasure… Stephan.

Why, Ms. Vermouth… you seem to have your bases covered. What else could A Nearly Naked Nutcracker have to offer?

Audience members will be greeted by the caroling of Vocal Magic, a Victorian quartet. UK photographer Elsa Quarsell will be in attendance, and why wouldn’t she be? She has chosen “A Nearly Naked Nutcracker” as the US launch of her book Domestic Burlesque. Let’s not forget, the holidays are a time for giving. Hoodies for Hoody will be collecting hoodies, warm clothing, and blankets for the homeless and a raffle is being held to raise money to bring holiday cheer to those affected by breast cancer. Items to be raffled include cupcakes from The Cupcakery, a vintage handbag and gift certificate from Factory Girl, and various passes to upcoming shows from PinCurl Mag, Trees, and Broads and Panties.

A Nearly Naked Nutcracker is a must see and this is your chance! Tonight’s the night. The venue is Trees. Doors open at 8:00 Show begins at 9:30. $20 gets you in the door for all the yum your holiday heart desires.


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