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ArtLoveMagic Underground 2012 Tonight

by Courtney Crush

It’s that time of year again. Sweaty palms… jumbled thoughts… last minute mental rewinds… the unexpected quickening of what once went pitter patter as the dinner bell vibrates in the resounding clang of unspoken intimacy, understanding, and validation in four shared hours. “Nervous excitement” will come along once the curtain has already been drawn and there is time to reflect on the absolute greatness and freedom that came to pass at Underground 2012.

Valentine’s Day comes and goes and what memories survive the firesetting of Cupid’s arrows gone awry are more likely than not lost in the gifting and not much of a memory at all. It serves optimistically as an opportunity to correct the most egregious mistakes in gifting that closed out the previous year. I don’t mind crossing my fingers for you star crossed lovers out there. Romance is an art. I believe in Art. I believe in Love. I believe in Magic. As for February traditions? I believe in ArtLoveMagic.        

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Holiday Burlesque Tonight at Trees

by Courtney Crush

The holidays have long been cursed with the drudge of traditions that don’t always escalate the spirits. Let’s face it. “The Nutcracker” is several hours of yawn with an intermission fit for coffee zapped with a double shot in hopes of not interrupting the second act with snores from the mezzanine. A second act? It’s not over yet? Blech! That isn’t to say that occasionally a tear of nostalgia doesn’t spring to the mind’s eye every now and then.

Ballet is an exceptional art form of beauty and poise. Nonetheless, by the caffeine infused second act, my eyes have fuzzed over and I’m recreating the storyline with more drama and less clothes. A sprinkle of sugar and spice goes a long way to kindle enthusiasm. What if “The Nutcracker” was performed in the tradition of burlesque? Now that’s a show I could stay awake for.  Continue reading

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