Hash It Out At The Kettle

by Crave Staff

Unfiltered. Uninhibited. Unrated. Kettle Art presents ArtHash Open Salon Show. Opening Reception with the Artists: January 14th 7PM.

When a group of artists began hashing gallery politics and the limitations often presented by juried shows, the artists did what they do best. They stepped outside the lines. They reached outside the box, and they came up with an original idea. An idea to present an unfiltered art display, unlike any other exhibit you’ve experienced.

ArtHash Open Salon Show will not be curated, with expectations of presenting the public with an uninhibited view of what’s really happening in the Local art scene. This display will be unique in the sense that over 50 participating artists will display artwork of their own choosing. There will be nothing blocking the way for you to view fresh, innovative, raw talent. In this day and age where stars are formed by public opinion on venues like youtube, we believe the same applies for the art world. You decide!

Assuming you won’t miss the stuffy gallery scene, this is your chance to see what the artists want you to see. All art will be reasonably priced, allowing the perfect opportunity for the seasoned collector, as well as the first time collector.

If you love art, then step outside the lines with the ArtHash artists and join Kettle Art in experiencing art as it is intended… unabashed, and unbelievably imaginative.

~Graciously Written by Jacque Allen Forsher

Featuring works by:

Adnan Razvi
Alison Jardine
Andrea Davis
Andy Morris
Brian A Crawford
Brett Dyer
Camille Green
Carolyn Collins
Chad Evans
Christian Millet
Cigi Ingram
David A Bell
David Brown
Frank Tringali
Gina Marie Dunn
Iris Candelaria
Jack Sheely
Jacq Chubirka
Jacque Allen Forsher
Jeremy McKane
Jacqueline Colt Marchioni
Johanna Roffino-Hulsey
John Paul Gardner
Junanne Peck
Judith Seay
Kevin Andrew Kunreuther
Kevin Obregon
Leon Sarantos
Levi Leddy
Lilia Estrada
Linda Bourgault
Lisa Rachel Horlander
Liz London
Luis Fernando Camacho
Manuel M. Pecina
Melissa Wertz
Michael SirHendrey
Mike Salcido
Nix Johnson
Quincy Wakefield
Renee Vandevere
Ricardo Paniagua
Snow White
Roy E. Vance
Samantha Price Fischer Kyle
Scott Dorn
Scott Shubin
Teri Lueders
Tony Reans
Yarilee Rivera
Zerep Egroj
Sonia Semone
Robb Conover
Paul Pena

Ross von Rosenberg


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2 responses to “Hash It Out At The Kettle

  1. Michael

    Displaying art outside of the context of a juried show constitutes an original idea? Maybe in 1872. My issue with the Dallas Art Scene is the opposite of what’s presented here. Too often some subpar artists find a space and fill it with comic book drawings of big-boobed girls with uzi’s, bad photographs of local gas stations, and Rothko/Pollock knock offs and think they’re doing something great.

    Maybe this show will be better than that, but maybe not. There isn’t a way to tell by reading Crave anymore. Every post reads like a PR statement from that event’s publicist. It’s become impossible to discern the worthwhile from the lackluster when everything is described with the same over-the-top exuberant press-release tone. Did CraveDFW actually write this post, or did they just re-print the press release from Kettle Arts? The use of “we” and “us” suggests it was Kettle Arts that wrote this, not Crave.

    I’d really like to support good local artists, but to do that, one needs a trustworthy source of information about local artists, but when your source starts reading like an endless series of fluff pieces written by the artists themselves about how great they are, that source starts to lose it’s “trustworthy” status.

    I have no problem with CraveDFW acting as a way for artists and art spaces to promote their work (in fact, I encourage it), but it’d be better if you made it clear that we, the readers, are simply reading press releases written by those putting on the show. It’s almost deceptive (and insulting) to the readers to not make that crystal clear. At least magazines place the word “advertisement” on the top of the page to help readers distinguish between promotional content written by someone else and editorial content written by the magazine itself.

    • We appreciate your feedback. The policy at craveDFW is to publish only what we enjoy. This piece was contributed as the story notes and not a press release. We find exuberance refreshing in the online battlefield of hate and belligerence often seen elsewhere. Feel free to contact us if you have an art piece you wish to contribute. It’s what we are all about.

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