Crave Stuff To Enjoy While Reading Crave

by Steven Doyle

Pegasus News and FW Star Telegram food critic Teresa Gubbins sends us word that there is a new product we might want to investigate. She sent over a link to the Dallas Morning News where they actually reviewed a new breakfast cereal called Krave.

News writer Jeffrey Weiss didn’t care much for the new cereal being test marketed in North Texas, using words like ‘sawdust’ and ‘cold, fibrous mush’ to describe a bowl he prepared for himself. At one point he even threw out the most oft used culinary term ‘Yuck-o’, so we are thinking the near-namesake cold cereal is not going to be high on our shopping list for the craveDFW test kitchens.  

Something we have experimented with is the new Crave Liqueur that is chocolate flavored. There are several flavors infused with chocolate including cherry, mint and spicy chiles.

We spoke to Katherine Clapner at Dude, Sweet Chocolate  about the line and she simply made a low level grumble. But when we tried the chile infusion with a hot chocolate mix, it was actually pretty tasty.

Then we have the energy drink called Crave that is sold online only. This is a powdered drink mix that you blend yourself. The creators of the product claim it sells for two-thirds the cost of a Red Bull with all the advantages. They come in tiny tubes of powder and can be made on the run.

Another crave product is Crave Milk, a chocolate flavored milk drink that appears to be only available on Amazon. We always buy our dairy where we buy our books.  We further hunted down the milk and saw that you can also find this at Walmart, another place we do not recommend buying dairy.

We appreciate TGub sending the info on the cereal along, it just gives us ideas to better market our product here at craveDFW.  We are thinking chocolate licorice or chocolate flavored taco bites.

What are you craving?


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  1. Jeffrey Weiss

    Thanks for the shout-out! It was not my idea of good cereal or good chocolate…

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