Sunday Brunch: The Joy of Good 2 Go

by Joy Jangles

There are mornings when you wake up and heavily regret the poor decisions you made the night before.  Kinda like last weekend… and the last thing you wanna do is make an effort and stuff. All you’re really jonesing for is some good food in your belly, who says brunch always has to be formal?

This week we’re off to Good 2 Go Taco for Sunday Brunch.  Located on Peavy Rd. right by Garland and Buckner – this is the spot for replenishing your life forces. Owners Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare have created a taco heaven using their chef-driven talent to formulate genius creations like the Paris Texas filled with Grilled Hanger Steak, fresh spinach, eggs, potatoes, charred tomatoes and Hollandaise. 

Other popular favorites include the Chuck Tailored Platter with Braised Beef Pot Roast, poblano posole topped with 2 eggs over easy and sprinkled with cotija cheese. The Soco was a personal favorite of mine with breakfast sausage, egg, biscuit, potato and creamy gravy. 

Aside from the laid back digs and awesome tacos, Good 2 Go also offers a vast beverage selection ranging from Kombucha teas to Mexican Sodas down to fruit juices and waters.  They even have a wonderful coffee shop that serves Chai, Teas, Lattes and more. I think it’s safe to say this place rocks.

Join Good 2 Go Taco for brunch anytime Tuesday- Sunday from 7am – 3pm.

Joy Jangles loves a good brunch and brings you a new version each week for craveDFW. You may find more of her unique perspective and beautiful photos at Joylicious.


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