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Sunday Brunch: Mignon

by Joy Jangles

Chef James Sleeth from Mignon  joins us for Sunday Brunch this week. Originally from Ohio, Chef Sleeth found his love for cooking through his mother. His interest for food and service started at a young age, working at restaurants as a dishwasher and server. He eventually went on to attend the American Culinary Federation where he completed two 3-year apprenticeships.                   Continue reading

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Brunching At Blue Plate

rathbunby Steven Doyle

Kent Rathbun never does anything half way, it is truly one of those ‘go big or go home’ moments when dining at any of the chef’s restaurants. This certainly holds true to Rathbun’s Blue Plate located in Dallas restaurant epicenter Preston Center located near Northwest Highway on Preston.

Just over a year ago Rathbun promoted Jennifer Newbold to command the kitchen at Blue Plate and she has been knocking out home runs each night. Each night during the week Newbold is plating up special dishes that has the neighborhood in a frenzy. Monday night’s enjoy BBQ which is actually a Rathbun family favorite that dates back to his childhood. The BBQ at Rathbun’s some of the city’s finest.       Continue reading


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Sunday Brunch: CampO Modern Country Bistro

by Joy Jangles

This week for Sunday Brunch, Chef Josh Black joins us from CampO Modern Country Bistro where we talk about the importance of ingredients, nature and Cash, Johnny Cash to be exact.     Continue reading

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Sunday Brunch: The Cedars Social

by Joy Jangles

We’re heading over to The Cedars Social for Sunday Brunch this week. This retro-chic cocktail den and kitchen serves adventurous cocktails developed by leading barmen Michael Martensen and a modern comfort styled menu originally created by award-winning chef John Tesar, but now totally revamped by very talented chef Kyle McClelland.     Continue reading

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Sunday Brunch: The Joy of Good 2 Go

by Joy Jangles

There are mornings when you wake up and heavily regret the poor decisions you made the night before.  Kinda like last weekend… and the last thing you wanna do is make an effort and stuff. All you’re really jonesing for is some good food in your belly, who says brunch always has to be formal?

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Hotel ZaZa Sunday School Brunch This Weekend

by Steven Doyle              photos by Robert Bostick

We are asked about the Sunday School Brunch at Hotel ZaZa  just about more than anything we have talked about on craveDFW. We promised all those avid followers we would keep them informed of the next edition.

If you haven’t heard, the brunch is like no other. Think rave+brunch. It’s the party for those that won’t quit. The food is really cool and you get to play with sparklers while watching the dancing pandas.    Continue reading

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