Half Price Velvet Taco Chicken

by Steven Doyle

Each Monday  you can slide past the front door at Velvet Taco On Henderson in Dallas and grab a hot deal on their rotisserie chicken which includes a whole rotisserie locally sourced chicken, a side of elotes, gremolata potatoes, six handmade corn tortillas, a large side of rotisserie corn pico de gallo, and two sides of Korean BBQ Sauce all for ten dollars. This is half the regular price.

To get the deal go to the back door, knock as loud as you can, and one of the line cooks will open the door. Hand him ten in cash and he will pass off the hot food for you. Pretty cool thing. Think of it as a speakeasy for lunch.

The deal is for the entire day from open to close.


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3 responses to “Half Price Velvet Taco Chicken

  1. Ten dollars?!!

  2. Rob

    Went today at lunch.

    Great price but you get what you pay for – best part was the nicely seasoned skin and homemade corn tortillas. Chicken was dry and flavorless, elotes were flavorful but full of corn silk and potatoes needed slightly more cooking and some seasoning.

  3. Resa

    awesome deal for awesome food! they accidentally gave us two corns instead of potatoes/corn but, that is ok. The corn is our favorite anyway! The chicken was juicy and flavorful. Corn tortillas are always yummy there. We loved the spicy bbq sauce too!

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