Inwood Estates Magdalena Release

by Katie Minchew

We received an exclusive tasting at Inwood Estates Cellars  yesterday afternoon. Warming up our taste buds to receive the recently released Magellan, and brand new Magdalena, assistant winemaker Marc Moberg sampled out the 2010 Chardonnay first.

It is a full Chardonnay, light and crisp and perfect to wet our palates experience wine number two, the Tempranillo-Cabernet, which is a beautiful red, their most popular, in fact. It is teeming over with happy fruit flavors, like cherries. The Magellan was next–gorgeous. Meant for the heavy wine drinker, it is full of tannins and flavors from the dark fruits like black berries and plums, and is very earthy. This will be one of Inwood’s best aging wines.  

Finally, after dumping our small remnants in the bucket, Marc poured us two healthy helpings of what we had been waiting for: the Magdalena, named after it’s brother, Magellan. Magdalena is lighter, softer, sexier, and more supple. It is a Bordeaux style Cab blend with a little bit of a Spanish flare. She was made with the same grapes as Magellan but is a different vintage year.

This wine does not need to age and is absolutely amazing to drink now, but it will be one of those wines that gets better as the years pass. We advise you buy a few cases, lay the bottles on their side and save them for a special occasion. Inwood only has about 200 cases.

Inwood wines are in several of Dallas’ top restaurants and hotels such as Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, Houston’s Restaurant, Morton’s Steakhouse, Tre Amici, and Cru Wine Bar.

“Anyone can get a gold ribbon at a wine competition, but not everyone can get their wine in a good restaurant. It’s quite a privilege to have a restaurant change their menu for you,” states Marc, proud and beaming papa to these wines we were so grateful to taste.

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