More Pie Please

by Steven Doyle

This past weekend we were able to grab a slice of pie at the pop-up Pie Emporium located at 314 Bishop in Bishop Arts District during all the Mardi Gras hoopla. We not only sampled several of the mighty tasty pies, which were being sold by the slice, we also spoke to owners Megan Wilkes and Mary Gauntt.

“We started thinking about opening the store last Thanksgiving. We have been doing wholesale for a while now. We sell our pies to Urban Acres and Corner Market on Greenville,” said Wilkes.         

They have little professional experience, but worked in a pie shop in Tyler to feel out the business, and the owner of that business advised they finish college but probably should pass on culinary school. The thought was if they were driven enough they would succeed.

From the looks of the sell out crowd they are definitely going to succeed. The pop-up was to actually feel out the market response and get customer feedback before signing a permanent lease on the building which is a small house located across from Hunky’s in Oak Cliff.

The ladies have definitely struck on our pie curiosity.

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