Win a Ketel One Glass-Blowing Experience

by Steven Doyle

Yesterday I received an interesting invitation to a cocktail event that put me in a roomful of some of the areas best bartenders. The event was hosted by Ketel One Vodka and the objective was to learn more about glassware and how they might affect a particular drink.

Ketel One selected Michael Martensen of Cedars Social to lead the day, make one cocktail and serving it in a variety of glasses to prove the point that the glass is a major influence on the over all experience.    

The event was held at Marrs Art Studio and the participants were expected to actually make their own glassware with master glass-blower Aaron Tate. This added a kicked up element of fun for what normally might be a simple mixer. Tate has been blowing glass for about 18 years and primarily creates art pieces for the studio. He mentioned that he loved the fact that he is using the same tools that have been available in glass blowing for 800 years.

The drink made this day was Martensen’s play on a traditional French 75 using Ketel One, sparkling wine, lemon, sugar, fresh berries and orange blossom water misted to finish the cocktail.

“The snifter concentrates the aroma and allows you to fully experience this type of drink. Then we will use a Old Fashion glass which will open it up a bit. When we use a Tom Collins glass you won’t be able to get your nose into it, and it closes off the aroma. It’s really about using the proper glass,” said Martensen.

Cedars Social uses 14 different glasses and each is used to enhance the individual drink.

The brand representative for Ketel One, Brooke Rossman, travels the state educating the industry on various aspects of making the drink experience the very best it can be. This event drove home an important point and will host another glass blowing class next week.  Brooke is offering one of craveDFW’s readers to join her at the next event and will select one reader at random.

To win a seat at the Ketel One/ Marrs Studio event leave a comment below and be available February 28, 2012 between 2 and 4pm. Cocktails and food will be served. One reader will be selected at random and notified Friday morning.


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20 responses to “Win a Ketel One Glass-Blowing Experience

  1. Mary

    Awesome! Count me in for that.

  2. Pick me! Pick me! I would LOVE to win a seat at the Ketel One/ Marrs Studio event on February 28th. I’m a teacher in the DFW area and I am always looking for ways to expand my horizons. Glass blowing would be an incredible experience! I collect antique glass so it would be a treat to learn how to make my own. I hope to see you soon! Best wishes, Nicole

  3. As a chef and caterer, it is interesting when we pair wines (and now quite popular, with other spirits) to foods to see how it “plays against the palate.” I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Norway to watch this and it’s never boring. Truly an art, much like crafting a spirit or food!

  4. this sounds like a lot of fun!

  5. Daniela

    This sounds Awesome!

  6. Kristi FitzGerald

    I would absolutely love to receive an invitation to this event! I realize the value of serving/drinking a cocktail in the proper glass and it would be super cool to see this process in action!

  7. Alyson Brown

    I’m a big believer in the right tool (glass) for the right job. I would love to attend this event and learn more. Then I can BYOB and MMOG (make my own glass).

  8. Nylund

    I used to live by a glass-blowing place and always wanted to try it. Alas, the classes they offered were always outside of my budget…I’d love a chance to give it a try! Plus, you know…vodka and food.

  9. OMIGOODNESS! How fun would this be?! Love to try it!

  10. Taylor Samuels

    I submit my name for the drawing.
    Good Luck to Me, this looks really cool.

  11. I’ve always wanted to do glass blowing! Hope I win!

  12. Jessica M

    I’ve wanted to try glass blowing ever since I was a little girl and saw someone doing it at Scarborough Fair! Include me in the drawing please!

  13. Ryan Knight

    Sounds like an awesome event, but with Kettle One its hard for anything to be bad

  14. Susan Peppler

    OMGosh, this would be awesome!!!!! Please please please be me

  15. Whitney

    Cool stuff, although I wonder about attempting to blow glass after a couple cocktails… Haha 😉

  16. Dawn Knowlton

    This would be da bomb diggety!

  17. Steve McHugh

    This is a once in a lifetime event – I would be honored if I was chosen to attend this event. Ohh – by the way – I like vodka.

  18. Liz D

    That sounds amazing! I have always wanted to try glass-blowing. Fire and vodka – what’s not to love?

  19. Nicole Harris is the winner of our random drawing! I will send out an email to confirm that you can make the event.

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