Charles Manson the Musical: Mean

by Crave Staff

The Ochre House Theater  is pleased to announce the world premiere of Mean for the 2012 Season. Mean is a wicked musical about Charles Manson (Mitchell Parrack), Charles “Tex” Watson (Matthew Posey) and Squeaky Fromme (Anastasia Munoz) meeting for the first time.   

When Charles Manson walks into a roadside bar in Twenty-nine Palms, California and meets Tex and Squeaky Fromme for the first time, he never suspected he would encounter a struggle between Satan, manifested as a Grand Ol’ Opry Country and Western Singer by the name of Dale Evans (Justin Locklear), and God’s messengers who take the form of Black Elk and Sacagawea. In this unassuming dive bar, the world hangs in the balance as these iconic deities play their part to bring Charlie, Squeaky, and Tex together. This fateful meeting of the three begins what would lead Manson to form his “family”, know as “the Order of the Rainbow”.

Mean is a wild and hilarious musical that begs the question, would the world be better with or without Manson? The admission is only $15 but Monday Fenbruary 27th there is a “pay what you want” performance.

When:  Friday, February 17th – Saturday, March 10, 2012 Wed through Sat 8:15pm

Admission:  $15 Purchase Advance Tickets On-Line or Call (214) 826 -6273


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