Taste Dallas by Chocolate Tours

by Jerry Stewart

Something pretty fascinating is going on each weekend in Dallas. A busload of food enthusiasts load up and discover Dallas by Chocolate, a fun recreational peek into all things culinary.  The main thrust of the tours has been chocolate but there will be a concerted focus in coming months to branch out into other food related arenas and going into unusual local markets, farms, cheese makers, restaurants and shops.  

CraveDFW editor Steven Doyle often takes part in the tours as a guide, but the company is owned by Jeanine Stevens. Stevens is a long time culinary enthusiast who takes a wide eyed view on the ever growing Dallas food scene.

Some of the recent chocolate tours include behind the scene visits to chocolatiers  such as Cocoa Andre and Dude, Sweet Chocolate, and important bakeries like Rush Patisserie and Empire Baking.

“The tours are ever-changing, and you can literally check out each one of them and have a different experience. Sometimes we take a twist during the tour when people hear we are doing the tour and invite us out as we drive from one location to the next. It can be quite exciting,” said Doyle.

A recent tour lead the group to Bolsa Mercado where they met with several local chocolatiers including Dr Sue Williams, the owner and chocolate maker at Dr Sue’s  headquartered in the Dallas area. They have also offered chocolate and cheese tastings at Scardello located on Oak Lawn which looks at pairing the chocolate they offer in the shop like Oh* Brownies with unusual cheeses.

The tours generally consist of 24 passengers who are loaded up onto the tour bus and offered water and wine along the route, and plenty of tastings.  There are openings for this Saturday’s tour and you may make reservations by contacting Jeanine Stevens through her website. Private and corporate tours are also offered.


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