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Rare White Cacao Available In Dallas Area

by Steven Doyle

Dan Pearson stumbled upon an unusual tree while working in Peru supplying miners with food. Pearson didn’t know it at the time, but what he found was the legendary white cacao bean called Pure Nacional. The bean lacks the typical bitterness found in most strains of the bean, and has an intense floral flavor.      Continue reading

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Take the Candy Bar Quiz

by Steven Doyle

On the confectionary scale of life, the lowly chocolate bar that is available at grocers, gas stations and convenience stores everywhere scores fairly low on the grand scale of treats. In Dallas we have some fine chocolate makers including Dude, Sweet Chocolate, CocoAndre Chocolatier and opening August 19th, Kate Weiser whose shop will be located in Trinity Groves. But the actual largest seller worldwide still stands the mighty Nestle’s, regardless of the quality.

As an impulse buy for someone needing a pick-me-up in the afternoon, or a chocolate hoarding fiend that doesn’t require much on taste or quality will find the average  bar satisfying.   Continue reading


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Crockett Street has a DUDE!

Dude-Sweet-Chocolateby Angela Hopkins

Dude, Sweet Chocolate is going on its fourth year in DFW. My first experience was in the Avoca Coffee shop off Magnolia in FW. Most people know of the uber popular location in the Bishop Arts District, but now we can cruise over to 2925 Crockett in the West 7th area.

Pastry Chef, Katherine Clapner, having studied with Valrhona Chocolatier, entices us with her uses of dark chocolate in all her creative chocolate concoctions from truffles and fudges to soft butter toffees. Everything is handmade. She has your typical combinations with marshmallows and coffee. I was told by Adrian at the Fort Worth newly opened location, the “Crack in a Box” is a best seller. Chocolate Bark with candied salted nuts, and yes, it is in a box.          Continue reading

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Your Golden Ticket To A Perfect Valentine’s Day

wonkaby Steven Doyle

Procrastination is the hearts worst enemy so it would seem. Looking for that last minute Valentine’s gift option could prove difficult, but many of the area chocolatiers have stocked up and are bracing themselves for one of their busiest days of the year. We have a guide that will help you geographically snag that perfect box of chocolates that should keep you looking like a charmer that you really are.

Your significant love has been perfectly sweet all year and deserves something a bit better than a box of drugstore chocolates, so please do not be tempted by those horrific cellophane samplers.           Continue reading


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Dude, Sweet Hearts You

dude2by Steven Doyle

I love me some Dude, Sweet Chocolate, and not a week goes by that I don’t stop in for a visit and to snoop for something new from the warped and talented mind of Katherine Clapner. Be it her Trixie and Chim Chim bar which is a Szechuan peppercorn and lime chocolate bar, or the Fungus Amongus, a soft butter toffee made with porcini mushroom and pepitas.

Chef Clapner is always coming out with something new and interesting, and it pays to drop by one of the three locations which we list below.  A recent visit netted a beautiful box of foie and caramel coins that was only available at the Preston Center shop.    Continue reading

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Dallas And Fort Worth Locations Open For Dude, Sweet Chocolate

DSC04340by Steven Doyle

Dude, Sweet Chocolate owner Katherine Clapner wants you to have a sweet holiday season and has opened two new shops to assist you with your gifts and to satisfy your primal need for chocolate. The smallest version is at 8304 Preston Center Plaza in Dallas sandwiched between Taco Diner and R+D Kitchen, the other is in Fort Worth at 2925 Crockett. Both of these shops geographically enhance Dude, Sweet’s proliferation of Clapner’s special design on chocolate.  Continue reading

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Dallas Chocolate Conference and Festival

by Sander Wolf       photos by Susan Migdol

You’d have to visit a chocolate factory the week before Valentine’s Day to see more chocolate than what you’ll be able to see (and taste) at this year’s Chocolate Conference & Festival. With over two dozen chocolatiers and chocolate makers sampling their gourmet chocolate creations, there’s bound to be enough to satisfy every craving.   Continue reading


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