First Look: Sapporo Ramen and Sushi

by Steven Doyle

Just over one month ago Sapporo Ramen and Sushi open in the Chinatown Center in Richardson. This same shopping center is host to many Asian restaurants, from Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese. There is even an Asian Grocery on board.

The Sapporo sushi chef is none other than super-star chef Sean Kang who also runs his culinary kitchen studio at Oak Lawn and Inwood. There he caters high end fetes and most recently a Kardashian. Don’t let that deter you from his amazing cuisine.            

The tiny restaurant which is located on the northern most end of the complex is regularly filled, and it actually took three attempts to make it in the restaurant without an extensive wait time. We were able to break in for an early Sunday evening dinner last week and found Kang entertaining a group small sushi bar near the doorway.

We were seated immediately and were brought a vial of hot tea and presented menus. Scanning quickly we knew we wanted to try the ramen. First we ordered up both he vegetable and shrimp tempura. They came out tout de suite and were piping hot through out the meal. then we were presented with bowls of roasted pork ramen and the seafood ramen.

The roasted pork was by far the most flavorful with large shards of roasted pork and a rich brown broth that was nearly translucent. The noodles were hardy, but the broth made the dish as it should. Great ramen is difficult to find in Dallas, but this is some of the very best.

There are sixteen ramen offerings in total including a Japanese Fried ramen. The restaurant also offers rice bowls, Oolong noodles, curry and miso soups, and yakitori all made by Steve Kang in the kitchen.

Meanwhile Sean Kang is killing it at the bar with guests clapping and laughing. We were a bit envious to say the least. There was a real show going on at the sushi bar. Kang was instructing the small gathering how he prepared the yellowtail, slicing it neatly down the spine.

We did enjoy a few of the sushi offerings but need to go back soon for a full assessment of the program. From first glance, and taste, it is amazing. Sapporo will end up in the regular rotation.

Sapporo Ramen and Sushi
400 N Greenville, Richardson


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5 responses to “First Look: Sapporo Ramen and Sushi

  1. That looks great! I’ve been wanting to find a good Ramen place in/near Richardson.

  2. twinwillow

    A friend and I ate lunch here Friday and although we found the table service somewhat slow and disconnected, we would happily return for the delicious food. We had shrimp tempura apps to start and delicious roast pork ramen bowls afterwards. His, hot and spicy and mine, mild.
    This were the best ramen I’ve had in Dallas. I’ll definitely return to try more offerings.

  3. that joshefs dad 🙂

  4. you rock 😉

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