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You Can Own Your Own Bakery… Today

by Steven Doyle

We just received a message from the people that own Rachael’s Plaza Bakery on Custer in Richardson.  The bakery closed recently due to the death of one of the owners but they still have a two year lease on the building. This is your chance to own a bakery.  

The bakery is fully functional with about two years left on the transferable lease. The 1,500 square foot space comes complete with a walk-in freezer and cooler. There is also a leased Doyon baking oven, but everything else is for sale.

If this seems interesting to you, the accounts and utilities are also transferable. You could be running your own bakery in a few weeks. If you are interested, drop us a line at  We are not involved in this in anyway, but wanted to pass the word.

Here is the location:
Rachael’s Plaza Bakery
2701 Custer Parkway, Suite 917
Richardson, TX   75080

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