Rockwall Makes Damned Good Burgers

by Steven Doyle

I was at a dinner party earlier this week and the subject of burgers hit the table. This was when I noticed the couple sitting across from me grab their cell phones to take notes.

I mentioned that I conducted a burger tour in Dallas and hit some pretty awesome spots. They wanted details.  I told them Rockwall seemed to be the home of some tremendous burgers. My little tour started in Rockwall at Boots Burger, the odd burger Mecca that is run out of a home in a residential neighborhood since 1968.  I stated that while you order from a walk up window, the neighbors are going about their business in a nonchalant manner; mowing their laws and trimming hedges, while young children dance about in a sprinkler. It’s an awesome burger for less than three bucks.     

Also while on the tour we were beckoned in by the chefs at Restaurant Ava who plied the busload with slices of their home made burger. When I say homemade, they pretty much make everything that wasn’t pulled out of the ground by a local farmer – including the bun.

Today you can find another burger that is pretty spectacular in Rockwall at one of our favorite spots, the Fatted Calf. The Calf serves only breakfast and lunch with dinner service a few times a month and is run by chef Ted Grieb. Grieb is crazy when it comes to making sure everything is perfection on his plates and it shows.


Check out today’s burger special (get those engines started). This is the Fajita Burger, with grilled skirt steak, homemade guacamole, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and a red chili mayo.

Damn you Rockwall for being 15 minutes away from downtown Dallas. Wait, that’s not far at all.


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2 responses to “Rockwall Makes Damned Good Burgers

  1. Em

    You have to check out the burgers at Bin 303 too. And while they aren’t burgers, The Life House some delicious organic, local sandwiches for $5.

  2. Gabe

    In Rockwall, Bin 303 has wood-grilled burgers, the wood gives incredible flavor to the meat. Also, the fries are hand cut, not frozen like Boots. Bin 303 will cook “to order” how ever you like it cooked.

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