New Flavors And Toppings At Pinkberry, Plus Win Some Froyo Of Your Own

by Steven Doyle

With the summer heat slowly rising to a simmering broil we thought it best to bring you some relief and looked up one of the masters of cool Adam Saxton of the Saxton Group which owns four local Pinkberry franchises in the DFW area.

Adam has a pretty cool job in that he develops long term strategic real estate plans anmarketing for the Pinkberry brand locally.  He also gets to enjoy as much of the frozen yogurt he cares to lap up each day. Adam agreed to meet with us this afternoon at one of his stores located at Preston and Royal and we sampled some of the new offerings.             

I hear there is a new flavor you are offering.

The new flavor out for the summer is strawberry. You can have the flavor with any topping you want but we are suggesting the balsamic glaze with fresh strawberries. The yogurt itself is light and refreshing. It tastes just like the fruit as opposed to just a strawberry flavor, and the balsamic glaze is taking a bit of a culinary approach. It’s exciting and new.

The balsamic sounds great.

It really adds a dimension of flavor. I think that is why you will see this in other countries. It cuts through some of that sweetness.

I am wondering why haven’t you ever carried strawberry in the past?

Strawberry seems like a really obvious flavor, and Pinkberry has always taken a bit of a different approach to their flavors.  Pinkberry started with the original flavor, which is that light and tangy taste. So when we do a new flavor we try to start with that flavor profile in mind. It took a bit of work to get the strawberry to taste of the essence itself instead of an odd strawberry flavor.

You have some nice flavors already.

Yes and by the end of the week we will add watermelon which is a seasonal favorite. You can add fresh chunks of watermelon as a topping. We have done this for the past two summers and people just go crazy over this. You can also have a fresh watermelon puree and we will squeeze that over the top of the yogurt.

The frozen yogurt is delicious but the toppings really make it, right?

The fruit is really nice.  The way we handle our fruit is representative of what we do.  All of the fruit is fresh and hand cut each day. But now we have changed the topping bar so we can now say that everything is free of high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and transfats. That meant we had to take away some things that people enjoyed. In some cases it was about finding a replacement or just eliminate the topping all together because there was no suitable replacement.

What are some toppings that have gone away that you were sad to see go?

One topping that has been unique to Pinkberry from the beginning was Fruity Pebbles, the cereal. We were not able to able to find a substitute that falls under our new guidelines, so we added fruit flavored Cheerios. We also have a new almond rocha product that replaced Heath Bar, and it is so much better.

What is your favorite combination?

For me? I like honey, almonds and any type of fruit. Mango, Valnecia oranges or strawberries. I really like the texture when you squeeze honey on top of the fruit.

Adam would like you to stop in and try his new seasonal flavors and cool off a bit, and for one lucky reader he is offering four of Pinkberry’s waffle cookie sandwiches. Drop a comment below and we will select one person at random, then Adam will send out coupons directly to your mailbox.



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14 responses to “New Flavors And Toppings At Pinkberry, Plus Win Some Froyo Of Your Own

  1. susan watkins


  2. We will miss the salted caramel, but can’t wait to try the strawberry and watermelon! I understand you’re also getting mango (can you tell we go there regularly…Preston/Royal store). YUM! Summer is upon us and so are the new flavors at Pinkberry!

  3. mango is by far the best! i always look forward to the seasonal favorites.

  4. julie

    Can’t wait to try the balsamic glaze — sounds like a delicious addition.

  5. Terri

    Have never been to Pinkberry but will have to stop by after reading this!

  6. Sam

    is there ever a possibility of having Peanut Butter, Mango, and Coconut served at the same time? 3 best flavors ever.

    Any chance of opening a location in Plano (west plano)?

    • Thank you for your comment Sam. We are always looking for new locations and Plano is certainly on the list – stay tuned! Regarding flavors, store currently have Mango and Peanut Butter but unfortunately coconut is on vacation.

  7. CathyM

    I can’t wait for watermelon to come back!!!!! I could not get enough of it last year–topped with STRAWBERRIES!

  8. Salman

    i think the best thing is the attitude of the employees. went to all 3 locations this past week and the service is great regardless of which pinkberry you go to. great job! and i love that you guys have mango and peanut butter at the same time!

  9. Dana markovitz

    Watermelon with cucumbers and watermelon toppings are my favorite!!,

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