Eats And Drinks At Union Bear

by Steven Doyle

A few craveDFW peeps stopped in Union Bear in the West Village yesterday for a noon time bite and ran across chef John Kleifgen working his shift. The man can really cook and our orders proved that. Like many now, Kleifgen is using a heap of local products both proteins and vegetables. But what the chef can do with them is astounding.

Kleifgen has committed to making as many items you will consume at Union Bear from scratch. This means that unique tasting catsup you dipped those lush fries into were made in-house. Much of the toppings used on the pizzas were also made by the staff.   

I will personally stop in Union Bear for a quick beer nearly every week to find out what is new in brew. The beer selection is bright and certainly affordable at $5 each, regardless of the selection. Insanely good concept. They are now producing their own suds in macro batches that come out once a week.

The true star of yesterday’s lunch was the salad. There are several to choose from including the Union Bear which features a chicken fried egg, but our favorite yesterday was Ms. Julies which has a selection of Spicer Greens, pancetta, grana padano, roasted veggies, a 5:10 egg, lemon zest, vermouth tincture and sherry vinaigrette.

Not familiar with a 5:10 egg? It’s a boiled egg cooked exactly 5 minutes and 10 seconds. The result is a cooked white and a lush oozing yolk. I am not sure who Ms. Julie is, but I want to kiss her on the mouth.

Other dishes we shared were the fried chicken sandwich and the Cubano.

The fried chicken is a healthy shard if chicken breast topped with a pickled slaw and spicy mayo. The result is an awesome grab-which. You need to double fist this sandwich with your bear paws and dive in. At $8 the sandwich is hell-worthy.

The Cubano was a nice homage to the Florida favorite, with a few of Kleifgen’s additions including pickled jalapeno that worked very well.

You can’t leave Union Bear without sampling the pizza. Each are crisp, thin and top heavy.

For those living nearby Union Bear promises a delivery service very soon. Lucky you.

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