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Who Has The Best Dive Bars In The Nation?

by Steven Doyle

Recently the web site The Best Colleges ran a list of the best dive bars in the country. You will be pleased to know Texas was represented twice, once in Austin for Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon, and the second is Dixie Chicken in College Station. By the way, Ginny’s wins our award for the worst web site design ever.

I haven’t been to either bar mentioned, but spent most of my time checking out the list of criteria to be on the list of the best dive bars. As one who takes great pride in hoisting a marginal beer in shady bars I took particular interest in what this web site felt made up a dive. I extracted some of the criteria from their list. Let’s hear what you think.      Continue reading


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5 Wonderful Things We Ate This Week

by Steven Doyle

Although a bit hot this has been a terrific week of dining in Dallas. We go eclectic on you today, even though we did have our share of pork belly and foie gras. This should ultimately prove we are not food snobs.

We will take in our fair share of lamb belly or kani-miso, but every day we look to the burger and the illustrious taco to fit the bill. Ride along with us as we check out five of the best things we ate this week.     Continue reading


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A Dive Bar Wedding Tale

by Steven Doyle

It was a casual Friday afternoon at the Dallasite. This is the local bar that sits on the corner of Bryan and Fitzhugh across the street from Jimmy’s Food Store and next to Mai’s. People were milling about with their longneck’s in hand trying to stay cool from the Texas heat when a gentleman dressed in plaid shorts and clergy shirt and collar announced there was to be a wedding.  Continue reading

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Cottage Lounge Closes

by Steven Doyle

Known for their hard drinks, hot blues and rock and rock and occasional jam sessions where musicians sat in to play extra long sets, the Cottage Lounge  located on Northwest Highway has closed its doors after a legendary run, taking its cue from a similar music venue Hole In The Wall which shuttered last year. We need to save our small live music venues. Wake up, Dallas.

Here is a set to take them out.



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Post Card From Nola: The Alibi

by Dorothy Hernandez

Bar food doesn’t immediately bring to mind gourmet, or even edible, food. Its purpose is utilitarian, whether you’re trying to soak up the booze or prep for a night of heavy drinking. The choices are pretty standard: fries, nachos, any heat and serve product that you can take out of a bag and dump into a deep fryer.

At The Alibi, 811 Iberville in New Orleans, there are mysterious dollar bills pinned to the ceiling. Even at 1 p.m., it smells like Bourbon Street at 3 a.m. It seems like a bar this dive-y would have food only fit for the inebriated but The Alibi is one of those serendipitous vacation finds.

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Dallas Dive Bar Tour 2012

by Steven Doyle

You are the first to know about this very special event. Our first tour of the year will be the 2012 Dallas Dive Bar Tour. We will meet at a secret location revealed one day before the event and check out some of the best dives in the Dallas area. There are limited seats available, so grab yours now. The tour runs Saturday January 14, 2012 from 7pm to midnight.   Continue reading


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