Dallas Will Soon Have A Cupcake ATM And A Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop

by Steven Doyle

So I am listening to the new Jagger show on radio 102.9, as we all should, and lo and behold he has this wonderful news scoop that should excite most of the food loving public in Dallas. We will soon all have access to the latest in gourmet technology as the new Spirnkles Cupcake ATM is installed in the Preston Center location.     

The cupcake ATM operates much like your favorite cash dispensing machine with the exception that this one holds up to 600 freshly baked cupcakes that are checked and refilled every few hours by Sprinkles bakers. It is a pretty high tech device that allows you to select from a vast array of flavors and you can actually watch the cupcake as the servo arm grabs your pastry and slides it to your side of the machine.

The cupcakes will cost $4 and any uneaten cakes will be donated to charity (donated to Metrocare Services, Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center and Catholic Charities of Dallas). Jagger also reports that we will soon have a Sprinkles Ice Cream Shop. This is news that is all too sweet. Check out his blog and watch the video on how the ATM works.

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