Cibus To Shutter and Taverna To Relocate

by Steven Doyle

In a happy press release that discusses how wonderful life is to be a Lombardi, and honestly I am sure it doesn’t suck, Alberto Lombardi announced that he will be closing Cibus in NorthPark. In the same press release Lombardi announces that he is moving Taverna a few blocks away and next to Toulouse on Knox.          

The release also alludes to additional location for both Toulouse and Taverna in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Fort Worth, with specific locations to be announced once leases are signed.

Look for the Taverna move early 2013.


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3 responses to “Cibus To Shutter and Taverna To Relocate

  1. Jim

    What will be taking over the old Taverna? I would guess another Lombardi concept since its a great location. MoMo’s says they moved to the Quadrangle but not sure the location exactly.

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