Guest Chefs Line Up At Bolsa Mercado To Benefit Cafe Momentum

by Steven Doyle

Earlier this week we announced that Bolsa Mercado would be serving their normal dinner for two offered each evening but with the twist of a guest chef with proceeds going to Cafe Momentum. Today we have the list of chefs who will be offering their expertise to the cause.          

This summer, weekly guest chefs including Chad Houser (Parigi), Tim Byres (Smoke/Chicken Scratch), Randall Copeland (Boulevardier/Restaurant Ava), Jason Maddy (Oak), Jeana Johnson and Colleen O’Hare (ACME F&B/Good To Go Taco/Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House), Jack Perkins (Maple and Motor) and more, will be cooking 3-course to-go dinners (as part of our “Dinner For Two” takeout program) in the Bolsa Mercado kitchen. These dinners for two, prepared by a selection of our favorite Dallas chefs, will be available for purchase starting Thursday afternoons until they are sold out each week. Each chef will prepare his/her own menu which is announced the Monday prior. Quantities are limited and prices will vary from $20-$30.

Proceeds from the sales of the dinners will benefit Café Momentum, and each chef has been asked to incorporate produce grown in the garden of the Dallas County Youth Village within their menus.

Vegetables are grown by the young men participating in the gardening program at the Dallas Country Youth Village, a residential facility for adjudicated young men between the ages of 10 and 17 who have been found by the court to be in need of supervision. Youth Village Resources of Dallas is a non-profit organization that supports many programs, including the gardening program. Café Momentum started as a program of the Youth Village Resources of Dallas, and recently separated, forming it’s own non-profit. Both organizations continue to work hand-in-hand with Café Momentum, being supporters of both the gardening and culinary programs at the Youth Village.

Chad Houser, chef/partner at Parigi and Chairman of Café Momentum, kicks it off this Thursday, July 19th with the following menu:


Watermelon and Caprino Royale Feta Salad with Foraged Bergamot and Texas Olive Ranch Olive Oil


Smoked Duck Tamales with Brown Butter & Green Tomato Salsa

Chayote Gratin

Grilled Zucchini with Guallijo


Bourbon and Peach Flan

The Watermelon and Green Tomatoes are from the Youth Village Garden.

Bolsa Mercado is located at 634 W. Davis Street, Dallas, Texas 75248. Website/Phone: 214.942.0451


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