The Rathbun Children Underground Breakfast

by Steven Doyle

The Rathbun children are opening up their own pop-up restaurant. Sort of. This Saturday morning, July 21, 2012, you will have the opportunity to rummage through the discards of the Iron Chef slayer and restaurateur, Kent Rathbun. While Rathbun is haggling over prices of gently worn children’s apparel and Transformers, the Rathbun kiddos will be competing with Abacus and Blue Plate by selling breakfast tacos and home-made lemonade.                            

If you want to check out what I am sure will be entertaining, stop in at 8903 Inwood from 7 to 11am this Saturday for the Rathbun family garage sale. If you are fortunate you might swing a deal on some used chef’s knives or a salamander.


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