Vspot Cafe Premiers New Raw Bar And Plots Additional Locations

by Steven Doyle

Recently the owner of Bliss Raw Café & Elixer Bar sold off the assets to the restaurant along with furnishings and recipes to Paula Sepulvado. The previous owner, Dee Pisarro still owns Vspot Cafe and retained all the rights to her recipes at Bliss and plans to add those items to her menu at the Henderson location starting tomorrow, July 20, 2012.

In addition to the East Dallas location of Vspot, Pisarro has slated additional locations of the vegan friendly restaurant in Fort Worth and Houston and has signed a letter of intent in Aspen, Colorado.          

“I opened up the first raw food restaurant in Texas, but my partner made a mess of things by signing a one-year lease with no options. This was Pure Café on lower Greenville,” said Pisarro.

Pisarro actually had no intentions of opening a restaurant, much less a raw or vegan restaurant, and was initially financing and supporting her then girlfriend’s desire to open the restaurant.

“I was actually just involved in a lot of different businesses. I would build them up then sell them off. That is how I have always done things.

The next venture Pisarro would take on was a seafood restaurant called Crabby’s , also located on Greenville Avenue.  However Pisarro still had plenty of eager raw clientele wanting her to reopen what would later become Bliss in the Crabby’s location. That had its share of troubles, too.

“There were so many maintenance issues at the Greenville location. We were always repairing something and it was a mess,” said Pisarro. That is when she was approached to open Bliss in Preston Center. Bliss has been extremely successful since then, but the new Vspot was more like a homecoming. It was back to the basics and a happier time when she was running the restaurant on Greenville Avenue. More funk, less nonsense. So she sold Bliss and let that chapter go.

When she sold the recipes off at Bliss there was not a provision of non-compete so Pisarro is free to use them at Vspot, and will premiere those tomorrow along with a few new surprises as she unveils the latest aspect to the busy Henderson restaurant, the raw bar.

Dee Pisarro is having plenty of fun enjoying life as a restaurateur and welcomes everyone to try the latest menu items that are not only healthy but extreme on delicious and flavor that will satisfy anyone.



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  1. jesus

    avoid this place. can’t even pay their employees. SHUT IT DOWN

  2. Dee Greene

    You are not THE Jesus..and Vspot does pay it’s employees. You are an ass.

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  4. anonymous

    Delia Pisarro does NOT pay her employees. She is a criminal and is notorious for writing bad checks and ripping people off (especially her employees who she owes over $10,000). I would know because I’m one of those people. And I will be taking her to court very soon.

  5. Barak Obama


  6. Delia Pisarro is a THIEF, LIAR, CON ARTIST, AND SELF-ADMITTED MURDERER! She AT ONE TIME, owned a few restaraunts in Dallas, but couldn’t stop from stealing, scamming and cheating employees and creditors, so she iis now a homeless alcoholic and methamphetamine addict who lives in cheap hotels and lives off of scamming, drug-dealing, ripping people off, selling fake visas and social security numbers to illegal aliens. She stole hundreds of customer credit card numbers from her restaraunt and from her friends candle shop and lived off of them for years. She is the lowest of low bottomfeeders. She spent 15 years in prison but had her records sealed after doing a deal with the police to have drug dealers arrested after being busted again. She is the HOT CHECK QUEEN OF TEXAS. She broke into the home of her JORDON TOMKO of Dallas, pistol-whipped him, hog-tied him and lleft him for dead. She has also singlehandely put several people in prison that have crossed her or that she has seen as a a threat to her by framing them for crimes and paying for testimony from drug addicts and homeless people to corroborate her lies. She is a dangerous and evil person who knows the law well enough to put a completely innocent person in prison for years by annonymous tips and false affidavits and false corroborating testimony. Be careful if you ever run across her…RUN AWAY FROM HER and never let her into your life!!!

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