Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds

by Steven Doyle

Each week we traverse throughout the city to find special dishes, cocktails or unique nibbles. Today we have a list of five really wonderful bites you can try for yourself. If you have a find drop us an email and let us know, or better yet – send a photo.                

We stopped in at Aw Shucks on Greenville Ave this week following a craving for fried catfish. What we enjoyed the most was this really special and spicy shrimp cocktail. We splashed this down with a pitcher of very cold beer for a dinner that was almost perfect by itself.

We are total suckers for anything with a fried egg on top. Pizza with a fried egg? Check. Enchiladas with a fried egg? Check. And who doesn’t love an egg perched proudly on their burger just waiting for the first burst of flavor to jet out on your new shirt? Order this one at Primebar on any given Wednesday for only $5.

A year ago today we interviewed Francesca Nor owner of Dive Coastal as she celebrated her first anniversary. This week marks her second and she is still going strong at her location in Snider Plaza in Dallas. We had to sneak in for a handful of her fab fish tacos. You should too.

Brunch has always and will forever remain our favorite meal of the day. Something soothing about lounging on a warm patio tucked under a large umbrella to ward off the late morning rays, sipping a tall mimosa and watching people pass by as they greet you with envy. This spinach egg white omelet at Sangria Mediterranean Tapas is also something of envy.

You like the not-so-secret menu at In-N-Out Burger. To make matters worse, you are probably like us and want something off the menu anywhere you go. Try this off menu home-made meatball pie at Coal Vines. It is meaty and oh-so secret.

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One response to “Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds

  1. James Turner

    Love this feature on Friday. Keep it coming please!

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