East Hampton Sandwich Co Opens Wednesday

by Steven Doyle

There is a new sandwich shop opening up this week in Snider Plaza called the East Hampton Sandwich Company which is owned and operated by local entrepreneur Hunter Pond. This is Pond’s first foray into owning a restaurant, but he comes with some experience in the business. We sat with the 25 year old Pond to see what he has planned for the community of sandwich eaters. We broke the news of this restaurant some months ago, but have an interview with Pond today who explains what they have to offer.      

How did you get involved with restaurants?

 I just left law school and didn’t have a clear plan of what I wanted to be. I thought law school would help regardless, but I knew I wanted to be in the restaurant business. I went to work for Matt Spiller who owns Enos and Union Bear. Matt took me under his wing so to speak and showed me the various aspects of the business. I worked every job imaginable.

I did my major in entrepreneurship and management. Most of my class projects involved restaurant concepts.

You are a young guy, why not a beer and pizza joint?

I did my research and this area is completely void of a from scratch sandwich shop. Most shops will buy their meat and sauces, and maybe bake their own bread. We flipped the script and are brining our meat in house, roast them in house and make our sauces fresh daily. We are working with Empire Baking Company for our bread.

Tell us about your sandwiches you will offer.

The lobster roll will undoubtedly be our signature. It will be fresh and light with knuckle and claw meat. We will do a spin on the roll and put a freshly made lobster tail on top. It’s moderately priced at $16.

The turkey, bacon avocado will be good. We brine the turkey for 24 hours in advance and roast it in house. We will hand carve it and serve it with Nueske’s bacon.

The fried chicken jack is delicious. We fry the chicken to order and it has a house made jalapeno cream sauce.

My personal favorite is the Meyer lemon chicken. We brine and roast and toss it wth a Meyer lemon vinaigrette and add some celery and watermelon radish. It is light but packed with flavor.

How did you come up with your recipes?

Research. When I hired my chef, Ozzy we sat  down and played with the recipes and had a lot of fun coming up with what we have.

When do you open?

We open this Wednesday. We will be open for lunch and dinner, and offer a great selection of beer and wine. The wine selection was well thought out and priced aggressively for the neighborhood. We want everyone from families to SMU students to come in and relax with a great sandwich or salad, watch a game and have a glass of wine or beer.

You have salads?

Yes, it’s part of our On Harvest Greens program where any sandwich can become a salad.

Where do you go out for beer or food?

I like a beer at Inwood Tavern. I love Union Bear. For lunch we go to Mi Cocina a lot. My wife loves Mi Cocina and she dictates were we go for meals. I like staying around the area.

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