Meet The Taco Hunter

by Alex Perez

I can remember growing up as a child and watching my grandma stuff shredded beef and pork into a delightful and delicious hand-made and fresh corn tortilla.  A very fond memory into what has become quite the popular food item for many these days – the taco.  As for me, looking for the quintessential taco these days has become a challenge.  I grew up loving tacos.  Being that I was raised eating Mexican food, I held very high standards when it came to tacos.  My grandma always used the word ‘Sazon’ when it came to her preparation of tacos.  People always complimented her tacos and always said it was her ‘Sazon’ that made her tacos so delicious.

Consequently, I soon found myself to be sort of a food snob due partly because I was raised in Chicago and because my family always prepared great food.  As a child, my mom use to take me to a place off Ashland Avenue on the west side of Chi-town that was well known for their tacos.  One of my ultimate favorite tacos, and without knowing what it really was until later on in life, was the ‘birria de chivo’ which translates to stewed goat meat. 

I can remember walking to the restaurant and smelling that deliciousness emanating from the doors and windows.  Little did I know that what my mom was actually cultivating not only my world in foods but my taste buds for tacos. 

Moving to South Texas as a youth, I soon realized that I was in an area that took pride in divulging tacos.  Going to Matamoros, Mexico and other parts of that country, I quickly honed in on finding different styles and flavors of tacos.  For years tacos were something I sought after. 

Upon completion of my 4 year commitment with the Marine Corps, I came back craving nothing but tacos.  It was always tradition to go out with the buddies on the weekends and hit up one of the local taco joints.  Ordering half or full dozen tacos was normal practice for us.  Moving to DFW, I knew that it was going to become difficult to find border-style tacos. 

When I moved to the Dallas area a good friend decided to take me to a small taco joint located off Carrol Street in Dallas called El Pinocho, so it only makes sense to write about my first taco experience in the metroplex for CraveDFW.  Since moving here I have been searching for that perfect taco.  I may or may not find it, but I will try my very best to find the ultimate taco in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

I have decided to write about my experiences at every taco joint I find.  The idea is very simple – talk to the owners and staff, talk about the styles of tacos, and critique the tacos themselves.  Everything will be dissected from the inside out including the actual establishment.  After all, it’s all about the ambience of the taco joint that makes the taco that much worthy, is it not?  I will become the Taco Hunter — in search of the best tacos in DFW.  Let the searching begin.


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